What we do

As one of the UK’s leading experts in blasting technologies, our portfolio of products and services continues to build as our expertise is sought for new markets and applications.

Today, we offer a broad spectrum of inter-related solutions across five key areas – all governed by the same emphasis on safety, quality and professional service.

Blasting Services

From product development and blast design, through performance monitoring and environmental assessment, to nationally accredited training and full consultancy, we have an unrivalled reputation and a comprehensive range of services in explosives, drilling and blasting for a range of industrial applications.


Our blasting services are supported by our explosives division, a UK leader in the production of bulk and packaged explosives thanks to innovative solutions like our Multiblend brand, mixed on-site for safe, effective blasting, as well as a comprehensive range of commercial explosives, blasting accessories and technical services.

EPC Chemicals

Our commitment to being a leader in chemistry process has given us the capability and credentials to produce specialised additives. Today, we are one of Europe’s leading producers of diesel fuel additive 2-ethyl hexyl nitrate, developed through advanced, safe and effective processes.

Civil Engineering

EPC-UK is the UK’s leading provider of commercial explosives and blasting services to the civil construction industry. From conception to blast, we can deliver your civil engineering blasting project on time and within budget, without compromising on safety, quality or compliance.


Given the nature of our products, a strong logistics network is vital. Our transport division has extensive experience of co-ordinating the safe, discreet storage and delivery of class 1, section 5 and protectively marked goods. Our world-class resources include EXII and EXIII vehicles, a secure licensed explosives dock and bonded warehousing, with competent stewardship.


EPC-UK is committed to supporting the industry in a focused and considerate way with a range of courses designed to meet the needs of particular industries and personnel. EPC-UK’s capability is unrivalled. From blast design and environmental control to on-site safety; we offer market leading, modular training courses, in many cases tailored to individual company requirements.

Learning & Development

Our state of the art facility provides the right atmosphere for enhanced training programmes and meetings. We are committed to excellence in all aspects of our product and service offering. Furthermore, we are dedicated to investing in our training and development facilities to ensure we offer the very best experience available.


At EPC-UK, we believe that by taking environmental responsibility for the protective barrier of countryside around us, we’re making a difference; one that’s designed to benefit our neighbouring wildlife and surrounding landscape – together with the livelihoods of those who work within it.