Underground Mining Course

Specialist underground blasting course

Part of the UK’s route to Net Zero and greater sustainability centres around improving supply security of critical minerals and creating renewable energy developments with underground structures and foundations. Sharing knowledge and expertise, the EPC-UK team delivers a 2-day underground blasting course to develop operators’ skills, safety awareness and competencies.


  • An introduction to explosives and initiation systems
  • How explosives are employed in different mining methods
  • The design and charging of different types of underground blasts
  • Equipment used in blasting operations
  • Daily shotfiring operations
  • Dealing with misfires
  • Legislation concerning the use of explosives in mining
  • Safety during storage and transport of explosives

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Expert delivery

Each course is specifically designed to combine periods of formal teaching with extensive application experience and case studies. Full course notes are provided for all participants and in many cases, include a site visit. Modular courses and assessments can lead to the explosives Supervisor Qualification. The full training course is composed of 4 modules: Quarry Shotfiring, Blast Calculation and Design, Environmental Control and Safety and Legislation. Bespoke courses can be planned for customers’ specific requirements on any blasting and related topics.

Dr. Geoff Adderley
Blasting Technology Development Manager

Meeting sector needs

“Excitement for ‘an invigorated’ sustainable mineral mining industry in the UK is growing, and the country’s new green energy infrastructure needs specialist drill & blast expertise. Our underground blasting course content will equip operatives and engineers with the knowledge to perform safely and effectively within these expanding specialist areas.” 

Ryan Ward
EPC-UK Commercial Manager

Valuable & informed

EPC-UK’s reinvigorated 2-day underground blasting course is relevant and correlates with new product developments and international innovations. It meets the requirements needed for UK engineers and operators to gather confidence in performing blasting processes underground and supports individuals as they familiarise themselves with necessary regulations. 

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Underground Mining
Classroom Course

Date: 12-13 August 2024

Location: Venture Crescent, Alfreton

Exam: 13 Aug 2024


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