Transport Courses

EPC-UK is a market leading company that specialises in the manufacture, storage and transportation of both petroleum chemicals and explosives worldwide. As such, we are well placed to provide the very highest level of transport training in the industry.

Our trainers have years of experience and accumulated knowledge to guide you on your logistics training journey. We are also proud to be a member of – and accredited to – the National Logistics Training Consortium, which allows us to share our industry expertise to assist you in achieving driving excellence.

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Transport Courses

ADR Class 1

Duration: 6 days | Classroom based

Audience: Professional drivers who wish to enhance their driving skills

Our full initial ADR course, accredited by JAUPT and SQA, covers tank packages and classes 1-9, excluding class 7. We also include the full 35 hours of periodic training required by JAUPT.


Duration: 5 days | Classroom based

Audience: Professional drivers who wish to enhance their driving skills

Our LGV Licence Acquisition course covers Cat C1, C1+E, C, and C+E and is fully DVSA/NRI registered.


Duration: 1 days | Classroom based

Audience: Those involved in manoeuvring, loading and unloading of vehicles

This course is specifically designed to instruct in the correct and safe methods of reversing vehicles and shunting type manoeuvres. It covers a range of topics from risk assessment and planning to correct PPE requirements. 


Duration: 2 days | Classroom based

Audience: Anyone who wishes to enhance their driving skills

This 2-day course, which includes a combination of theoretical and practical instruction, is designed to improve driver safety and covers all aspects of urban, suburban, A and B roads, dual carriageway and motorway driving.

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