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At EPC Groupe, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not a mere concept, it is a core value that is deeply embedded in our DNA. It guides our daily operations and shapes our long-term development strategy.

This is why we give great importance to transparency and to sharing our know-how, our values, our objectives and our commitments, both internally and externally.

The world today is facing major challenges such as mounting pressure on natural resources and climate change. To address these issues, it is essential that we take collective action to adapt to them and mitigate their impact. EPC Groupe has a leading role to play in these areas.

This CSR policy bears witness to the Group’s dedication and resolve to pursue a more sustainable business model, where ethical, financial and environmental considerations converge to create value in alignment with our core principles.

EPC-UK Farming
EPC-UK Farming

UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 13 guides our actions in the fight against climate change. The commitment of EPC Groupe is also reflected in the SDGs detailed on the following page, demonstrating how the four core values of the Groupe are translated into concrete actions.

The fight against climate change is a major aspect of sustainable development and is based on two pillars: mitigation measures and adaptation measures.

EPC Groupe can play an important role in the fight against climate change through its activities related to the extraction and recycling of materials, minerals, and metals.


The aim is to build cities and infrastructures that are both adapted to the physical risks of climate change and encourage the eco-responsible individual behaviours that are essential in the face of climate change.


The aim of the energy transition is to prepare for the post-oil age and to establish a robust and sustainable energy system to meet the challenges of energy supply, resource depletion and environmental protection.

EPC Groupe supplies explosive energy, which is used to fragment rock in mines and quarries. This energy has less impact on the environment than mechanical energy, making the Group an enabler in its value chain.

Aggregates from quarries are the primary raw materials for building infrastructures that are adapted to climate change and that are more energy efficient.

The energy transition, and in particular the increase in the production of low-carbon electricity, will have a major impact on the market for primary raw materials, with exponential growth in demand for metals in the years ahead.

EPC Groupe is a provider of deconstruction, depollution, and circular economy services, and is involved in the sorting, re-use, and recycling of materials from the “urban mine”.

Selective deconstruction and crushing of concrete provide secondary raw materials for new buildings. Deconstructed or renovated buildings make way for buildings and infrastructures adapted to the physical hazards of climate change.

The principles of the circular economy give a second life to recovered metals, which are essential secondary raw materials for the energy transition. 

The resources thus provided have a lower carbon impact.

EPC-UK Farming
EPC-UK Farming

Driven by its values and commitment, EPC Groupe is united around shared objectives. 

EPC is committed to an energy transition which drives its growth and sustainable transformation

• We maintain productivity and a sustained level of growth to ensure economic viability, a key factor in creating decent jobs.

• We are committed to respecting the conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), particularly those relating to trade union rights, forced labour, modern slavery, and child labour.

• We guarantee fair treatment, decent work, and equal pay for work of equal value to all our employees.

EPC reduces its consumptions and develops the circular economy to limit its impact

• With the help of a lifecycle analysis of our products, we aim for environmentally rational management from raw materials to manufactured products.

• We accelerate the reduction of waste production through the development of prevention, reduction, recycling, and reuse practices.

• We design and implement processes that enable the efficient use of natural resources.

EPC is attentive to the development of its employees and prioritises their safety

• Through our safety culture, we are committed to setting an example when it comes to worker and workplace safety.

• We work to provide our employees with access to healthcare services.

• We promote safety rules to reduce the risk of road accidents.

• We implement systems and resources to ensure the physical and mental health of our employees.

EPC adopts responsible governance principles for ethical business practices

• We are committed to the highest standards, complying with all applicable laws and regulations in our dealings with our stakeholders.

• We are committed to creating an inclusive working environment that enables each and every one to fulfil their potential.

EPC is committed to protecting biodiversity

• We aim to measure and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, combat pollution, and improve the management of natural resources at all our sites.

• We are taking action to reduce our impact on the natural environment and protect ecosystems.

EPC provides the materials for tomorrow’s sustainable infrastructures

• Through our depollution services, we put our activities at the service of the protection of cultural heritage and sustainable urban development for all.

• We give priority to dialogue with local communities and partnerships with the local economic fabric for sustainable development.

EPC is attentive to the development of its employees and prioritises their safety

• We invest in our R&D programmes and innovate in the techniques and software used to implement our products to reduce our impact on the environment.

• In the face of climate change, we are building resilient production infrastructures that will make better use of resources and that will be more sustainable.

• We are committed to sustainable industrialisation by increasing the industry’s contribution to employment. In particular, we are creating jobs in all the countries where we operate.

EPC supports the diversity which has been its strength for 130 years and is committed to equality

• We ensure that women have equal access to managerial and executive positions.

• Decisions on recruitment, promotion, retention, training, development and remuneration are based exclusively on skills, competencies and experience.

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