SPA Quarry Passport

The SPA Minerals Products Passport provides a nationally recognised standard of health and safety assurance for contractors who work within the mineral extraction and products industries.  It supplies all delegates with a basic level of health, safety and environmental knowledge.

EPC-UK’s knowledgeable and experienced trainers will help to increase your awareness of health and safety issues and provide you with the knowledge to encourage safe behaviour during day-to-day activities.

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SPA Quarry Passport Webinar Courses

SPA Mineral Product Passport Full

MPQC SPA Quarry Passport Full Webinar

27 & 28 Sept 2021
9am – 4pm


MPQC SPA Quarry Passport Full Webinar

25 & 26 Oct 2021
9am – 4pm


SPA Mineral Product Passport Refresher

MPQC SPA Quarry Passport Renewal Webinar

28 Sept 2021
9am – 4pm


MPQC SPA Quarry Passport Renewal Webinar

26 October 2021
9am – 4pm


SPA Quarry Passport Classroom Courses

MPQC SPA Quarry Passport Full

Duration: 2 days | Classroom based

Audience: Anyone who will be accessing a quarry to carry out work

This two-day course is designed to enhance knowledge and raise contractors’ awareness of their responsibilities for safety and enable them to identify hazards and minimise any risk.

MPQC SPA Quarry Passport Renewal

Duration: 1 day | Classroom based

Audience: Anyone whose current card is about to expire

The SPA Mineral Products Passport lasts for three years, with your passport ceasing to be valid once it reaches its expiry date. We offer a one-day renewal course to ensure you – and your colleagues – remain safe and healthy.

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