Safety – our number one priority

At EPC-UK, we consider health and safety as central to everything we do and the pivotal element of our organisation’s culture. It is a statement many companies make, however at EPC-UK, it is a declaration reinforced and agreed annually by all employees.

Leading on Safety

EPC-UK places the competence of its people and the centre of every activity. This continual focus on safety competence and safety leadership throughout the organisation is enhanced with support for the mental health and wellbeing of everyone.

We manage our business by monitoring our activities through clearly defined leading and lagging indicators on occupational safety, process safety and health and wellbeing.


“It is with pride and humility that I have been able to receive numerous industry rewards on behalf of our team with reference to safety initiatives that have improved the safety of our working environment”

Ben Williams Managing Director

We are globally renowned for our successful work within the explosives, chemical, civil, quarry, mining and demolition sectors; industries recognised for requiring a meticulous operational approach. Priding ourselves on our ability to play a leading part in helping to ensure safe working environments, safety is incorporated into everything we do and is a fundamental cultural value that is reinforced constantly and consistently. EPC-UK prides itself on sharing best practices in industry forums such as SAFEX International, the International Society of Explosives Engineers, the Institute of Quarrying and the Institute of Chemical Engineers.


“Accreditation to international standards is expected and the challenge for us is to continually improve and set new benchmarks”

Ben Williams Managing Director

EPC-UK operates two upper tier COMAH sites and several lower tier sites and we consider it our responsibility to create and operate within safe manufacturing and storage environments.

Operating on our customers’ sites is a privilege, but also a responsibility that we take very seriously. We respect and understand the dynamics of hazardous sites, so take a safety-led approach to providing services that deliver the highest levels of competence. We strive to add to our customers’ value chains and bring with us as we work, the competencies of skilled personnel, each trained and empowered to ensure that site activities will not cause harm to any individual.


“All employees are empowered to stop work at any time if they feel unsafe”

Ben Williams Managing Director