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EPC-UK supply standard electric detonators manufactured by Davey Bickford in France.

The Daveydet Short Delay range consists of 21 delay numbers with a time interval of 25ms between successive numbers in the range to give better breakage and controlled vibration.

The Daveydet Half-Second range consists of 13 delay numbers with a time interval of 0.5 seconds between successive numbers in the range.

Daveydet Medium Intensity detonators are suitable for general blasting operations. For situations where a higher degree of protection from electrical sources such as radios, mobile phones etc. is required, the Daveydet High Intensity detonators are more suitable. The High Intensity detonator requires the use of a high output exploder.

Seismic detonators are available upon request.

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Common features for standard electric detonators

The detonator shell is made of Aluminium. The base of the detonator tube is stamped with a letter Y to identify the manufacturer. The delay period number Is printed on the side of the detonator. Instantaneous detonators have no markings on the base of the aluminium tube. The initiating power of these detonators is equivalent to no. 10 strength as a result of the compression of the 0.8g base charge.

Triple crimping of the detonator shell ensures excellent water resistant characteristics:
2 days at 25 bars
8 days at 10 bars
28 days at 5 bars.

The twinned copper wires can support a tensile strength of 10daN without internal disturbance of the fusehead assembly. The resistance per unit length of twinned wires is 0.14W/m for 0.56mm diameter copper wire and 0.095W/m for 0.7mm diameter copper wire.
The lead wires of the detonator are copper and have colour-coded insulation.

The wire coating is formed from PVC, which offers a good resistance to abrasion.
Delayed action Daveydet detonators are available in the following delay numbers:

  • Short Delay series 1 to 20 inclusive – delay interval 25 milliseconds
  • Half Second series 1 to 10 inclusive – delay interval 500 milliseconds

Behaviour to static electric discharge between:

Each fusehead is protected by an insulating anti-static sleeve. EPC-UK also supply the Daveydet P instantaneous and short delay range of detonators. These are approved for use in coal and other safety lamp mines. The half second permitted range of detonators is approved for use in certain circumstances underground in coal and other safety lamp mines. The electrical characteristics of these detonators are different to Medium Intensity Detonators.
For Seismic prospecting EPC-UK supply the Daveydet SR range of detonators. These detonators have unique electrical characteristics and cannot be fired in the same circuit as other detonators.

Product and Company Identification
Daveydet MI (medium intensity), delay, short delay and instantaneous; Daveydet HI (high intensity) instantaneous; and Daveydet SR (seismic) detonators.
Use of the ProductExplosive initiation - industrial use
These detonators are not suitable for use in gassy mines. Daveydet P detonators should be used in those conditions.
Manufacturer / SupplierEPC-UK EXPLOSIVES
Telephone Number01773 832253
Contact e-mailinfo@epc-groupe.co.uk
Emergency Telephone Number01773 832253

Product Specification
The detonators have a plastic tag on one of the wires
that indicates the delay number of the detonator.

Detonator TypeWire Colours
High Intensity
Instantaneous Detonators
Medium Intensity
Instantaneous Detonators
Medium Intensity
Short Delay Detonators
Medium Intensity Half
Second Detonators

The fuseheads in Daveydet detonators have the following electrical characteristics:

Medium IntensityHigh Intensity
Fusehead Resistance0.45 ohms0.05 ohms
Guaranteed no fire current0.65 amps4.2 amps
Guaranteed all fire current for one detonator1.0 amps7.0 amps
Recommended series firing current1.7 amps13 amps
Maximum no fire energy8mj/W500mj/W
Minimum operating energy15mj/W1000mj/W

The fuseheads in Daveydet detonators have the following electrical characteristics:

Short circuited lead wires and shell11kV
with 2000pF
with 3000pF
One lead wire and the shell6kV with
with 3000pF
Two ends of the detonator lead wires5kV
with 2000pF
with 3000pF

Classification and Labelling

Electric detonators with lead wire lengths between 2m and 12m are presented as twinned folded wires.

These detonators are classified 1.1B. The UN No. for transportation is UN.0030.

Upon request detonators can also be packaged as 1.4B and the UN No. for transportation is UN.0459.

Plain Detonators

Herica plain detonators for use with safety fuse can be supplied by EPC-UK.

For further details on these products please contact the Explosive Engineering Department department of EPC-UK.