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Dunarit cast boosters are products suitable for the priming of a variety of explosives. EPC-UK can supply a wide range of cast priming solutions to suit your requirements – please contact us for more information.

Due to their high density and velocity of detonation, Dunarit boosters supplied by EPC-UK offer the best priming characteristics for use with non-detonator sensitive slurries, emulsions and bulk emulsion/ANFO blends. The composition of Dunarit boosters supplied is extremely stable and provides consistent, reliable results.

The velocity of detonation is in excess of 7000m/s, resulting in a high pressure of detonation.

This enables the product to be used in the most arduous of conditions encountered in quarries or surface mines. The Dunarit D6 booster has 2 detonator pockets each fitted with a detonator retention gromit. Further detonator security is provided through the application of a booster cap. Initiation can be achieved using a No 8 strength detonator or by 12g/metre detonating cord.

Dunarit boosters are available in boxes of 5, 10 or 48.

EPC-UK can provide cast primers in a wide range of weights and sizes, contact sales@epc-groupe.co.uk for further details.

Classification and Labelling

Cast primers are packaged as Class 1.1D Articles. UN No. 0042

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Product and Company Identification
Product IdentifierDunarit Boosters
Use of the ProductBooster for firing explosives. These detonator sensitive Boosters are designed to initiate other, generally less sensitive, explosives. Other uses are not recommended unless an evaluation is conducted beforehand, which shows that the product performs effectively and provides evidence that the associated risks are adequately controlled.
Manufacturer / SupplierEPC-UK EXPLOSIVES
Telephone Number01773 832253
Contact e-mailinfo@epc-groupe.co.uk
Emergency Telephone Number01773 832253

Dunarit D6 450 Product Specification
CompositionTNT, RDX, PETN, Aluminium Powder
Density (g/ml)1.6
VOD (m/s)> 7000
Water ResistanceVery Good
Detonator SensitiveYes (No. 8 Strength)
Temperature Range (use)-35°C / + 55°C
Shelf Life5 years
UN Number UN0042
UN DescriptionCast booster without any detonator
UN Class/Compatibility Group1.1D
CE Mark MPCT14EXP044159

Packaging Details
Storage 40°C max
PackagingPlastic Case
Cartridge Diameter (mm)59
Cartridge Length (mm)125
Cartridge Weight (kg)0.46
Cartridges/box 48, 10