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Detonating Cord is a linear explosive consisting of a PETN powder wrapped in a flexible plastic outer coating. Manufactured in the EU, EPC-UK is able to supply a comprehensive range of cord weights for a variety of applications.

Detonating cord has a variety of uses in quarrying, mining, civil engineering and other specialist applications. Low strength detonating cords are typically used for the initiation of shock tube in both quarrying and demolition. Higher strength cord is typically used in pre-splitting applications or as a main charge in demolition.

The multilayer construction of the cord ensures a high resistance to tension and abrasion whilst in use.

EPC-UK supply Daveycord and Seicord with the following core loadings and reel lengths:
Daveycord 5g –  200m reel.
Daveycord 12g – 125m reel.
Daveycord 20g, 40g and 70g – 100m reel.
Seicord 100g – 50m reel.

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Product and Company Identification
Product IdentifierDetonating cord, Daveycord, Seicord.
Types supplied: Daveycord 5. Daveycord 10, Daveycord 20,
Daveycord 40, Daveycord 70, Seicord 100.
The number indicates the PETN content of the cord in g/m
Use of the ProductRecommended use: the product is generally used in excavation and demolition work and in the mining industry.
It can also be used as a linear charge explosive whenever allowed by the current state of the art, for example to produce isolated blocks of rock, for controlled demolitions, for contour and preliminary cutting, and detonation transmission.
Never use in the presence of firedamp.
Not recommended use: the intended use is specified above. Other uses are not recommended unless an evaluation is conducted before starting use, which provides evidence that the associated risks are being monitored.
Manufacturer / SupplierEPC-UK EXPLOSIVES
Telephone Number01773 832253
Emergency Telephone Number01773 832253

Product Specification
Product TypeDetonating CordDetonating CordDetonating CordDetonating CordDetonating Cord
Product NameDaveycord 5gDaveycord 12gDaveycord 20gDaveycord 40gSEICord 100g
Cord ColourYellowGreenGreenGreenPeach
Core Loading (g/m)5122040100
VOD (m/s)6900700070006500>7000
Tensile Strength (N)800>784>784>784>2647
Outer Diameter (mm)
Length/reel (m)20012510010050
Water Resistant Yes (if cut end sealed)Yes (if cut end sealed)Yes (if cut end sealed)Yes (if cut end sealed)Yes (if cut end sealed)
Detonator SensitiveYes (0.6g of Equivalent PETN)Yes (0.6g of Equivalent PETN)Yes (0.6g of Equivalent PETN)Yes (0.6g of Equivalent PETN)Yes (0.6g of Equivalent PETN)
Temperature Range (use) oC -30/+50 -30/+50 -30/+50 -30/+50 -30/+50
Shelf Life5 years4 years4 years4 years5 years
UN Number UN0065UN0065UN0065UN0065UN0065
UN DescriptionCord, Detonating, FlexibleCord, Detonating, FlexibleCord, Detonating, FlexibleCord, Detonating, FlexibleCord, Detonating, Flexible
UN Class/
Compatibility Group
CE Mark 0080EXP9700810080EXP9700860080EXP9700880080EXP9700900080EXP030037