Bulk Emulsions – Blendex 70, 80 & 100

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Bulk emulsions are an emulsified Ammonium Nitrate solution incorporating a fuel phase. Classified as an oxidizing agent for transportation purposes the composition does not become explosive until mixed with gassing agents and sensitized at the point of delivery to the borehole.

EPC-UK supplies the Blendex range, a pumpable high energy chemically sensitised bulk emulsion explosive manufactured in the UK. The Blendex range is specifically designed for large scale quarrying, mining and civil engineering blasting works. The waterproof product is mixed on site by bespoke Multiblend trucks and suitable for use in both wet and dry holes. Blendex is available in a range of compositions incorporating various quantities of undissolved ammonium nitrate dependent on specific energy and heave requirements of the customer.

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Product and Company Identification
Product IdentifierBlendex 70, Blendex 80, Blendex 100
(Note: The number after Blendex indicates the approximate percentage of emulsion matrix in the product).
Use of the ProductBlendex explosives are mixed on-site and intended for immediate use as a general explosive column charge.
The products are suitable for use in diameters greater than or equal to 85 mm, depending on primer/use conditions.
Other products are available for use in small diameters.
The explosives listed here are all pumpable products.
Manufacturer / SupplierEPC-UK EXPLOSIVES
Telephone Number01773 832253
Contact e-mailinfo@epc-groupe.co.uk
Emergency Telephone Number01773 832253

Product Specification
Product TypeBulk Emulsion
Bulk Emulsion
Bulk Emulsion
Product NameBlendex 70Blendex 80Blendex 100
Weight Strength (% ANFO)707981
Bulk Strength (% ANFO)96 - 111109 - 130112 - 134
Density (g/ml)1.10 - 1.271.14 - 1.311.15 - 1.32
VOD (m/s)500051005100
Gas Volume (l/kg)103510101010
Water ResistanceExcellent
Fume Characteristics Good
Detonator SensitiveNo
Temperature Range (use) °C-10/+50
Shelf LifeShould not be stored, bulk loaded at point of use
UN Number UN0241
UN DescriptionExplosive, Blasting, Type E
UN Class/Compatibility Group 1.1D
CE Mark ENB/B/085/14