Shotfiring Course W/C 4 July 2022 classroom


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The Shotfiring Course covers:

E1. Fundamentals of Explosives

E2. Types of Explosive

E3. Initiation Systems

E4. Live Firing Demonstration

E5. Introduction to Explosives Legislation

E6. Hazard Classification and Emergency Procedures

E8. Personal Safety

Q1. Introduction to Bench Blasting

Q2. Initiation Techniques for Bench Blasting

Q3. Design of Initiation Patterns for Bench Blasting

Q4. Bench Blast Geometry, Surveying and Setting Out

Q5. Flyrock, Causes, Effect and Control

Q6. Basic Design of Bench Blasts and Blast Hole Loading

Q7. Shotfiring Operations for Bench Blasting

Q8. Causes, Avoidance and Handling of Misfires in Surface Operation

Q9. Quarries Legislation and the Blast Specification

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