The POLAREX OP (open pit) probe resolves customers’ down-the-hole measurement issues and has been built directly by EPC Groupe. This effective borehole deviation monitoring tool measures and maintains the orientation and angular velocity of blast holes, controls energy and manages flyrock issues as well as QA/QC hole constraints.


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The EPC Groupe built probe can be supplied, serviced, calibrated and maintained in the UK using the engineering support of the EPC Metrics team. In addition, the android compatible POLAREX© app perfectly supports the probe’s efficacy. It is easy to use and enables data to be transferred to EPC’s EXPERTIR© software, or other blast design software package, on a phone or tablet.

Product Guide

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• Reduced customer costs
• Design vs. actual results are improved
• Increased, continued accuracy
• User friendly
• App compatible

Technical specification

• USB C rechargeable battery (15hrs life time)
• High quality grade compass (accuracy ± 0.50)
• Inclinometer (accuracy ± 0.10)
• Dip angle range (-900, 900)
• Operating temperature (-400, +800)
• Realtime reporting via POLAREX© App
• Email results sharing

• VERTEX© integration
• Aluminium enclosure
• ø 32mm dia 500 or 1000mm length 650g
• Bluetooth
• Compass sensor
• Android app