EPC-UK Logistics

The leading Global Supply Chain Specialist for Class 1, Protectively Marked Goods & Hazardous Materials

At EPC-UK, we apply the highest levels of professionalism, expertise and customer service to deliver our specialist Global Supply Chain Solutions.

Your Freight Forwarding Solution – a global door-to-door service for Class 1 goods and defence material.

We are uniquely placed to offer a fully integrated service for the transportation of restricted, licenced and hazardous materials.

Our comprehensive portfolio of services has been specifically designed to ensure your cargo arrives safely and on time:

  • Specialised team with national security clearance

  • Vessel chartering

  • Liner services from Europe

  • EPC-UK port licenced to 99 Tonnes NEQ

  • Secure storage

  • Unique “Groupex” service

  • Global hubs – delivering a global solution for the safe transportation of dangerous materials

Specialist Class 1 Knowledge

EPC-UK specialist freight forwarding service ensures Class 1 and defence materials are transported compliantly, removing any challenges associated with transporting hazardous materials across international borders.

Unique multimodal solutions for unique logistic challenges

We have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the most efficient and cost-effective logistics solution for your business and products. We’ll ensure it gets there safely and securely, remaining compliant to local legislation.


  • GPS tracked vehicles
  • ADR/HAZMAT qualified drivers


  • Consistent departure and arrival schedules
  • Reduced CO2 footprint
  • Consistent pricing


  • Reduction of lead times for end client
  • Commercial, part and/or full charter flights
  • IATA compliant


  • Dedicated sailings
  • EPC owned port
  • Worldwide destinations

Secure storage and process management

EPC-UK’s project management team is highly skilled and experienced. Our dedicated and knowledgeable account managers handle the entire logistical process, from storage to delivery, providing strategic multimodal planning and ensuring all regulations are met.

Safer Storage – Compliant Solutions

  • Sites staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Dedicated fleet of GPS tracked vehicles
  • International trade and customs specialists
  • Customs compliance ensured

Introducing cost efficiencies to the Class 1 explosives market through consolidation

The EPC-UK Groupex service enables part loads of HD Class 1 goods to be loaded with other compatible products into a single consignment to deliver cost effective efficiencies to our customers.

  • Regular sailing to and from mainland Europe providing a liner service for Class 1 goods
  • Purpose built dock licenced to receive 99 tonnes NEQ
  • Secure dock and magazine stores to facilitate large volumes of explosives

At EPC-UK we ensure services are safe, secure, compliant, efficient and cost effective.


EPC Groupe is proud to achieve accreditation within its countries of operation and work with industry recognised programmes, reinforcing the point that EPC Groupe is your trusted logistics partner for Class 1 and defence materials.

EPC-UK is committed to providing the highest level of customer service.

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