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Fixed Remote Monitoring

Most drilling and blasting operations must adhere to strict planning regulations and vibration restrictions, as well as making sure any activity does not negatively impact surrounding environments. Here at EPC-UK, we offer a comprehensive planning to comply service for the remote measurement and monitoring of vibration, air over-pressure and environmental conditions – whilst still delivering optimum blasting results.

Our innovative service facilitates the immediate access of event data via state-of-the-art permanent fixed monitoring stations, removing both the need to travel to and from a monitoring location and the time-consuming manual process of downloading results in the field.

Planning to comply

EPC-UK can provide a valuable ‘planning to comply’ approach to environmental monitoring. This approach enables customers to be pro-active rather than reactive in meeting planning permission constraints, managing complaints and importantly optimising blasting. Utilising the consultancy support of the EPC Metrics engineers, we can create leading indicators through predictive software, regression model creation and advanced expertise and knowledge. This methodology and service, combined with the fixed remote monitoring stations, provides reliable and accurate monitoring data to ensure a pro-actively managed operation that benefits all stakeholders. Importantly, this methodology targets compliance, optimal blasting and maximises resource extraction.

The remote monitoring stations – which can be either pole mounted with a solar panel or wall mounted for mains power use – can be installed at both internal and external locations around a site, each with its own customisable and remotely settable trigger level. Once triggered, these stations automatically transmit data to a cloud-based server where results can be published immediately to a web portal, providing instantaneous access to event information.


Once the data has been received, the platform is also capable of sending alerts, via text and email, to specified recipients.

EPC Metrics

Working closely with you to understand the individual requirements and restrictions of your blasting operation, we can tailor your blasting parameters to deliver optimal results.

Key features:


Instant transmission & availability of blast results


Remote communications via mobile network


Custom alerts, including email and text message notifications


Fixed reference points for blast comparison


Consistent coupling


Automated data capture


Remotely configurable

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