Explosives manufacturing

In addition to manufacturing and supplying our comprehensive ranges of explosives, EPC-UK also provides a single-source solution (Rock on Ground) to meet the needs of customers requiring commercial explosives, blasting accessories and technical services.

With a focus on safety and innovation, we specialise in:

  • The production of bulk emulsion and the supply of packaged explosives
  • Supply and sale of various detonators systems, explosive primers and accessories
  • The sale of solutions, distribution and necessary technical support
  • Providing downstream services, including auditing, training, assessing and blasting consultancy
  • Storage


We supply the UK market with bulk emulsion explosives through our Blendex brand. In fact, to demonstrate our commitment to the industry, we have invested in a ‘state of the art’ bulk emulsion facility at our Rough Close Works site in Alfreton. Our Multiblend fleet of trucks provides one of the UK’s most extensive systems for delivering explosives directly into bore holes within quarry environments and opencast coal mines – and can even provide specialist SPUR system operations for underground applications.

By providing blend trucks and servicing contract requirements, we operate a safe, efficient system in which components are transported to the blast site in a non-explosive form. Components are then mixed on-site by specialist operatives to meet the precise formulation needs of the job in hand.

Our fleet of specialist trucks has been carefully developed to ensure effective delivery to even previously inaccessible sites over rough terrain.

By achieving 100% coupling of the bulk product and bore hole and a high loading density, our customers benefit from enhanced drilling patterns, which results in less holes drilled and a reduction in drilling costs for the operation.

Other Explosives

Depending on your requirements, we also provide a number of alternative options:

  • EXEM emulsion cartridge explosives
  • Permitted explosives
  • Nitroglycerine explosives
  • ANFO explosives
  • Black powder

These explosives are complemented by emulsion primers or cast primers and boosters in various sizes. EPC-UK has been awarded ISO 22301:2012 in 2018 for business continuity – this validates our policy of multi sourcing products for our customers.

Detonators & Accessories

EPC-UK is committed to providing only the best equipment, with a comprehensive range of blasting accessories.

Detonators include the Euronel 2 non-electric detonator system, which is ideal for surface blasting or – with long delay tunnel detonators – underground and demolition blasting. We also offer electronic and electric detonator options.

A comprehensive range of detonating cords sourced in Europe, as well as shotfiring cable and connecting wire are available.

Other ancillary equipment includes; seismographs, exploders, ohmmeters, plystem clay stemming material, stemming rods, shotfirer’s tapes, and hand tools.


We offer storage of Class 1 products in our secure, bespoke Magazines facilities at Rough Close Works, Alfreton and Bramble Island, near Harwich.

EPC-UK is committed to providing the highest level of customer service.

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