Drone Mapping Services

We have a team of over 20 drone pilots nationwide, all trained to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Standards, who can knowledgeably use drone technology, in conjunction with photogrammetric techniques coupled with a photo overlay, to create highly accurate models – both face profiling and full quarry mapping – in incredible detail.

EPC Metrics drone survey
EPC Metrics drone survey

An up-to-date, interactive map of your entire quarry site is invaluable. Here at EPC-UK, our WingtraOne Professional vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) fixed-wing drone can achieve this in just a few hours.

This innovative drone can map large areas with unprecedented image quality and accuracy, and thanks to its VTOL design, it can operate – safely take off, collect data and land – from challenging and limited spaces making it perfect for rough and busy work sites. It also boosts safety by enabling data collection without the danger of climbing stockpiles or walking amongst moving equipment.

In addition to its VTOL capabilities, the drone hosts a 42 mega-pixel camera and includes the technology to geo reference all images in conjunction with a single fixed ground station.  The photographs obtained can then be processed using photogrammetry software to generate fully georeferenced 3D models.  From this, various measurements such as quarry reserve depletion, haul road analysis, gradient analysis, stock-pile surveys, oversize analysis, and bund height analysis can be taken.

Our team can provide regular site surveys, at a frequency that suits you, and one-off mapping services, providing you with a tailored, current and interactive map of your site.

Nationwide coverage

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Mark Beveridge
North England / Scotland

Sam Skinner
North England / Scotland


Mark Roberts
N Wales

Anthony Evans
N Wales

Ian Bowen
S Wales

Paul Turner
S Wales

Luke Battison
S Wales

Robert Farnfield

Liam Bermingham

Rick Hutchinson
Midlands (Peak distict)

Wayne Wilkinson
Midlands (Peak distict)


Darren Hughes
North & West Midlands


Stuart Fry
Shropshire/East Wales


Mark Hodgett
Midlands / North England


John baird
North East England / Scotland


David Windle
East England


David McGinty
South West

Jack Smith
South West


Bob Tuffen
South East


Simon Bolitho
Southern Area

Michael Lockhart

Daniel Richards

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