EPC-UK Defence & Security

EPC-UK provides a total solution for the supply, handling, storage, testing, disposal of explosives, weapon systems and section 5 goods.

As a subsidiary of the EPC Groupe and with an international presence throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East, EPC-UK has the experience and capability to legally and compliantly transport, store, test, dispose and demilitarise explosive products; both military ordnance and civil items.

Technical expertise

EPC-UK provides expertise in its field and has the skill and competence to safely and compliantly handle specific hazardous materials, including fireworks, Time Expired Pyrotechnics (TEPs), bulk explosives and demilitarised complex weapon systems.

EPC-UK’s technical and management teams work together at our remote 1,200-acre site at Bramble Island in Essex, which is situated within proximity to the international ports of Felixstowe and Harwich. The site also operates licensed processing facilities and storage amenities, capable of retaining up to 500 tonnes of HT1, and 210 tonnes of HT3 & HT4.

Together, our teams work to fulfil clients’ exact needs and requirements and ensure strict adherence to industry best practice: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 27001, as well as our Investors in People accreditation.

Meeting the needs of customers, using competence and expertise

In addition to secure explosive disposal, we can provide all the professional elements required to ensure safe and compliant support services; each designed to effectively supply, handle, store, integrate and test Class 1 explosives, weapons systems and section 5 goods.

Our services extend to effectively deliver;

  • Secure storage & handling services
  • Disposal & demilitarisation capabilities
  • Integration & testing facilities
  • Qualified training & demonstration services
  • The capability to schedule regular charter sailings
  • The provision of dedicated account and project managers
  • Safe supply of explosives, accessories and related products
  • Access to the services of a specialised multimodal logistics team


Increasing global capabilities

By having the ability to operate internationally, we can better deliver the services our clients require. Our European distribution warehouse gives us an additional facility capable of supplying and preparing required demolition stores and related products.

Conflict resolution

For both the police and military forces, who are often required to deal with conflict situations, the availability of our less-lethal options provides greater choice when seeking to resolve a situation prior to it becoming necessary to discharge a firearm, in order to save lives.

EPC-UK, as the sole UK agent for Combined Systems Inc (CSI), offers a wide range of less-lethal munitions and equipment which have been specifically designed for the effective resolution of conflicts.

EPC-UK is committed to providing the highest level of customer service.

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