Underground Blasting Course now part of the EPC-UK training prospectus

Feb 26, 2024

Latest course updates and availability

February’s issue of Onsite is EPC-UK’s education and Learning & Development special. In this edition we will provide the latest summary of the industry leading programmes we deliver, including Shotfiring, Explosive Supervisor and Dangerous Goods (ADR) Vehicle Driver training, at our dedicated learning centre in Alfreton, Derbyshire, and where applicable through online webinar courses.

New to our prospectus this year is our revised two-day Underground Blasting Course, which covers: 

  • An introduction to the different types of explosives and initiation systems being used in underground mining, including advantages, disadvantages and prevalent safety features
  • An overview of the different mining methods and how explosives are employed in both development and production
  • An overview of the design and charging of different types of underground blasts, including development rounds, stoping and shaft sinking
  • An introduction to the key equipment used in blasting operations
  • Daily shotfiring operations, including pre and post blast inspections, charging operations and dealing with misfires
  • Legislation concerning the use of explosives in mining, and safety during storage and transport of explosives. 

To make a learning enquiry of any kind, or to reserve a space, telephone: 01773 832253, or email: Learning@epc-groupe.co.uk

Train to gain

Each of EPC-UK’s learning & development programmes has been designed to fulfil specific training requirements for individuals working across all elements of our sector, providing them with the skills and understanding to operate safely, innovatively and respectfully. Those looking to upskill in 2024, add to CPD hours or refresh existing qualifications with the most updated and enabling programmes, can find details below of EPC-UK’s course availability for the months ahead:

EPC-UK course prospectus 2024:

  • Underground Blasting
  • Shotfiring 
  • Explosives Supervisor
  • SPA Quarry Passport Webinar, Full and Refresher
  • Full Initial ADR Core, Packages, Tanks and Class 1 
EPC-UK Shotfiring

Underground Blasting Courses

This course has been devised to train and develop underground operators’ skills and safety awareness and competencies.  It covers types of explosives and initiation systems, mining methods, an overview of the design and charging of different underground blasts, equipment, shotfiring operations, safety and legislation. 

Classroom course availability
Venture Crescent, Alfreton:

09-10 April 2024 – 5 spaces left

12-13 August 2024 – 10 spaces left

This comprehensive training course educates operatives on new working methods, safety regulations and the growing digitalized influences being applied to underground mining techniques for sourcing critical minerals here in the UK.”

EPC-UK Shotfiring

Shotfiring Courses 

Covering awareness principles in addition to bench blasting processes, flyrock, hole loading, shotfiring operations, and avoidance and handling of misfires, this specialist course also includes a live firing practical demonstration, providing students with a clear and full understanding of the nature and use of explosives. This live demonstration element is unique to EPC-UK’s delivery programme and is performed by Explosives Engineers who are active in the industry.

Classroom course availability
Venture Crescent, Alfreton:

13-16 May 2024 – MPQC Exam 17 May 2024

8-11 July 2024 – MPQC Exam 12 July 2024

2-6 September 2024MPQC Exam 6 September 2024

4-7 November 2024MPQC Exam 8 November 2024

“Utilising the latest explosives technology, our trainers have many years of industry experience and knowledge, all of which is distilled into our comprehensive training courses.”  

EPC-UK Blasting manager

Explosives Supervisor Courses

Offering structured training on necessary explosive techniques, sequencing, organisation, planning and legislation with relevance to Supervisors.

Classroom course availability
Venture Crescent, Alfreton*:

18-21 March 2024 – MPQC Exam 22 March 2024

3-6 June 2024 – MPQC Exam 7 June 2024

18-21 November 2024 – MPQC Exam 22 November 2024

*Annually, a limited number of one-day Explosives Awareness courses and two-day Blasting for Non-Blasting Managers courses, including units from our Shotfiring course, are available subject to availability. Contact the Learning & Development team for more information. 

The full training course comprises 4 modules: Quarry Shotfiring, Blast Calculation and Design, Environmental Control and Safety and Legislation.”

Role and Responsibilities of Sentries

SPA Quarry Passport Courses – webinar or classroom

The Full SPA Mineral Product Passport training course, which provides a nationally recognised standard of health and safety assurance for contractors working within the mineral extraction and products industries, is delivered as either an award-winning webinar or classroom programme.

Full Passport course availability (currently delivered as a webinar):

05-06 March 2024

09-10 April 2024

08-09 May 2024

04-05 June 2024

02-03 July 2024

03-04 September 2024

08-09 October 2024

05-06 November 2024

03-04 December 2024

“This two-day course is designed to enhance knowledge and raise contractors’ awareness of their responsibilities for safety and enable them to identify hazards and minimise any risk.”

Refresher Webinar course availability:

6 March 2024

10 April 2024

9 May 2024

5 June 2024

  July 2024

4 September 2024

9 October 2024

6 November 2024

4 December 2024

“The SPA Mineral Products Passport lasts for three years, with your passport ceasing to be valid once it reaches its expiry date. We offer a one-day renewal course to ensure you – and your colleagues – remain safe and healthy.”

EPC-UK Blasting manager

Full Initial ADR Core, Packages, Tanks and Class 1 Courses

Accredited by JAUPT and SQA, our full initial ADR course covers tank packages and classes 1-9, excluding class 7. We also include the full 35 hours of periodic training required by JAUPT.  Course examinations for our Full Initial ADR courses are now conducted electronically, so delegates can receive their results immediately. 

Classroom course availability
Venture Crescent, Alfreton:

W/C 15 April 2024 – 6 days of training to include Monday 22 April

W/C 17 June 2024 – 6 days of training to include Monday 24 June

W/C 16 September 2024 – 6 days of training to include Monday 23 September

W/C 25 November 2024 – 6 days of training to include Monday 2 December

“As we specialise in the manufacture, storage and transportation of petroleum chemicals and explosives worldwide, our trainers, with their years of experience and accumulated knowledge, are well placed to provide the very highest level of transport training in the industry. We are also proud to be a member of – and accredited to – the National Logistics Training Consortium, which allows us to share our industry expertise to assist you in achieving driving excellence.”

For further online information, visit the Training page of our website

To make a learning enquiry of any kind, or to reserve a space, telephone: 01773 832253, or email: Learning@epc-groupe.co.uk

EPC-UK’s SPIRIT values

Safety, Passion, Integrity, Respect, Innovation and Teamwork

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