This month saw the launch of EPC-UK’s Supervisor to Manager Development Programme, a training scheme initiated by our leadership team to support supervisors company-wide in delivering the EPC-UK business strategy and secure our place as a market leader. 

A training concept spearheaded by EPC-UK Managing Director, Ben Williams, and delivered in conjunction with training provider, VA Consultants, the seven-module programme has been aligned to our SPIRIT value ethos and designed to develop our supervisors’ core leadership capabilities; so, they can increase awareness of individual’s needs and business operation knowledge and share best practice between departments and divisions.

Team building

Ben is working to build a management team with the skills to successfully navigate the changing challenges affecting our industry – including raw materials and supply, increased digitization and the Road to Net Zero – by strengthening company capabilities in delegation, empowerment, coaching, performance, influencing and negotiation. He has personally taken a role as part of the course delivery team, detailing key points of his own career development during the first module session.

Ben explained to participants the pivotal learning moments that have shaped his leadership principles, beliefs and style; and outlined his expectations surrounding mindsets and skills, referencing the EPC-UK Vision & Strategy, so those developing their own capabilities can realise its goals.  

As part of the initial module programme, Ben also engaged in a Q&A dialogue session around EPC-UK’s leadership needs and, in turn, received a presentation from the group describing their understanding of EPC-UK’s Vision & Strategy.

Managing change

“Global developments affecting our industry will increasingly call for leadership and management teams with the skills to support our sector’s performance and employees through changing times. I feel passionate about developing and encouraging a management team that not only harnesses relevant knowledge relating to health & safety, performance, quality management, and risk & governance, but is also equipped with the tools to improve staff engagement and increase efficiency as our operational landscape alters,” Ben says.

“We’re demonstrating that effective training can result in a more inclusive and involved route to managing change, leadership and better communication. It can help us to work more effectively and bring our values to life, professionally and personally.”

Future ready

“Only by sharing our proven expertise can we nurture managerial talent with the capacity to impact positively on our company and industry’s future. The changes and challenges that lie ahead for our sector are both critical and complex and will require skilled leadership to successfully navigate both the Road to Net Zero and increasing digitized developments. The delivery of our Supervisor to Manager Development programme is just part of a wider scheme of progression, intended to enhance the efficacy of EPC-UK’s Vision & Strategy, now and moving forward, and share wider understanding of how as a management team, we can lead and achieve the best results from our EPC-UK culture as an ongoing process.” 

The seven-module programme will be delivered over the course of a year with module 2: Leading Self and Others, scheduled for October. For further information contact