Demonstrating excellence in ensuring the success of EPC-UK’s Systems and Security, Daniel Ford takes time to give Onsite the latest report on how he is working to keep operations safe and secure nationwide.

Almost a year ago, Systems and Security Manager, Daniel Ford came to post, having previously spent seven years working in IT at EPC-UK. With a technical finger on the pulse, Daniel has been expertly placed to understand the advancements made in our company’s security processes. His role sees him take responsibility for Systems and Security on a national scale. From the main operational facilities at Rough Close Works and Venture Crescent in Derbyshire and Bramble Island in Essex, to all EPC-UK’s depots nationwide, Daniel ensures the relevant processes including accessing CCTV control and guaranteeing delivery of goods from the depot run smoothly. He also takes responsibility for the business systems our company relies upon, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and the document control systems used to invoice and manage stocks. It’s Daniel’s role to make sure software and systems are updated and accessible, proving security and technology work as part of the same team. 

Drawing on his previous IT experience and pursuing additional expertise by working towards his CSMP Level 6 Accredited Diploma, Dan’s passion to excel within his role is evident.  He tells us: “The nature of EPC-UK’s business and the potential for danger makes complacency impossible. We’re protectors within our specialist sector and need to ensure operations and materials are consistently secure and contained.” 

Securing explosive expertise

“Our route to achieving top-level security is both physical and digital. The EPC-UK factories have a 24/7 security guard presence and CCTV monitoring, with all site staff receiving regular communications and security awareness training. Increasingly, the importance of maintaining strong cyber security procedures has never been more critical to protecting our networks and IT systems, an area I have specific expertise within. It’s vital that we always ensure compliance, which is why the team adheres to and stays informed of EPC-UK’s comprehensive security and reporting policies, designed to ensure all operations remain secure, always.”

An expert team

“We’re a tight knit family at EPC-UK,” Daniel continues, “and people here have a visible interest in understanding not only the elements of the business that are relevant to their roles, but the wider aspects of how our divisions all work together. Ben Williams’ leadership ideology prioritises communication and engagement. His directive succeeds in keeping everyone in Systems and Security involved and working together as a team that is committed to the company SPIRIT values of Safety, Passion, Integrity, Respect, Innovation and of course, Teamwork.

Centralised software solutions 

“Digitized processes are certainly serving to improve Systems and Security operations. At EPC-UK the implementation of Project Bravo, a centralised software solution that equips all team members involved with the ability to improve monitoring and reporting processes, has been a major success. Its introduction enables us to provide customers with the centralised information, and consequently service, they need and have come to expect from EPC-UK.”

Values in action

“As with all divisions of EPC-UK, our SPIRIT values are integral to our operating processes. Security and safety go hand-in-hand here, with CCTV cameras, access control and vehicle tracking systems keeping everybody safe on site and out on the road. My personal commitment to developing my professional skills and passion for the role’s importance is keen and is demonstrated through countrywide depot site visits to ensure systems are working as effectively as possible. Integrity is also key to achieving that efficacy, alongside a willingness to knowledge-share and work with respect towards one another and within our operating environments. With an eye towards innovation, we are constantly seeking out the latest technologies and techniques, such as Project Bravo, in terms of security development to help us better our practice. We’re a team that takes an above and beyond approach to our roles, supported by one another to look out for everyone. This was a mentality that became fully evident during the height of the Covid pandemic, when our commitment to security couldn’t stop.  Our entire team was classed with key worker status to ensure safety for customers regarding their essential operations. I’m pleased to say that the team’s ability to step up to the plate was exceptional, and the importance of safety and security for all involved continued to be placed as paramount.”

Securing the future 

“Our industry has an exciting future ahead, as Systems and Security further their routes to becoming web based and digitized,” Daniel continues. “The quality and capabilities of what is around the corner is predicted to be simply outstanding, with Project Bravo’s success providing a strong example of the shape of things to come. The improvement and development of vehicle tracking will also enable our anticipated approach of centralising data to further streamline processes. In addition, our unfaltering commitment to conducting COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations) exercises will continue to highlight findings from which improvements for future Systems and Security operations can be made.  The importance of planning in advance will always remain key for EPC-UK, as will refits of the latest physical security systems, such as access gates and entry systems. Without question, a great deal will change in terms of technical advancement as we look to the future, however the level of importance we place on ensuring safety in Systems and Security will never diminish.”

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