Furthering both our Lifelong Learning Live programme and commitment to providing industry-leading training during challenging times, we’re pleased to announce that we will be continuing to deliver both the MPQC SPA Quarry Passport Full (next course 12th and 13th April) and MPQC SPA Quarry Passport Renewal (next course 13th April) through the EPC-UK virtual classroom.

A nationally recognised standard of health and safety assurance for contractors who work within the mineral extraction and products industries, the SPA Quarry Passport will supply you with a basic level of health, safety and environmental knowledge. It will also arm you with the tools you need to encourage safe behaviour during day-to-day activities within the quarry environment.

The series of training sessions has proven to be extremely successful to date, with the most recent programme of delivery – which ran over the course of the 23th and 24th of March – equipping two groups of attendees with the nationally recognised certification required.

MPQC SPA Quarry Passport Full

The Full Passport is valid for three years, however can be kept up-to-date by completing a one day, MPCQ SPA Quarry Passport Renewal course – the next of which will take place on 13th April.

Both courses will be delivered virtually by EPC-UK’s knowledgeable and experienced trainers. There is capacity to accommodate up to 20 attendees, with opportunities to interact, ask questions and initiate discussions with instructors and other participants. 

Further MPCQ SPA Quarry Passport webinars have been scheduled throughout 2021, with dates as follows:

MPQC SPA Quarry Passport webinars 2021

Full Passport

12 – 13 April

5 – 6 July

27 – 28 September

25 – 26 October

Passport renewal

13 April

4 May

6 July

28 September

26 October

Bookings and payments can be made via our website. For further information, please complete our online enquiry form or call 01773 832 253.

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