At EPC-UK we believe that having the expertise of skilled, confident employees forms a primary requirement for any business. Employees who have a platform to grow their knowledge and competence can strengthen business practice and capabilities, enabling individuals to be the best within their specialism.  

A training focussed culture

“Believing in individuals’ abilities to progress is a mainstay of our working ethos at EPC-UK. Our company culture, reinforced by our operating SPIRIT values which prioritise Safety, Passion, Integrity, Respect, Innovation and Teamwork, encourages regular learning and development and actively creates the opportunities for employees to update and further their qualifications and benefit from training courses.

“This investment in personal and professional growth, and commitment to ‘raising the bar’, encourages our leadership team to have full trust in its employees, which subsequently develops our customer reputation for being a company rich in confidence, integrity and expertise.

“We’re renowned within our industry for the knowhow and proficiency we deliver across multiple fields, from our Services Operations to our Manufacturing Facilities. As a result of receiving specialist training our employees can obtain and develop the expertise to meet all professional expectations, which in turn enables EPC-UK to showcase its advanced capabilities to customers and suppliers.”

Progression in practice 

Keith presents the route to becoming a qualified shotfirer within our team as a strong working example of this principal in action:

Initially, employees start their position as a Trainee Shotfirer, which means they must follow a programme of mandatory actions including shotfiring, using explosives and profiling. Authoritative sign-off on these operations takes place over a 6-to-12-month period. 

Once the programme is complete, then that level of competence and experience is obtained. The next step is for the Trainee Shotfirer to attend the shotfiring training course and sit an exam to confirm they have the relevant knowledge and understanding in place. 

The Trainee is now ready to take their Vocational Qualification, which once completed certifies the competence of that employee, further raising the bar. 

“Whilst an individual’s formal training requirement may have been fulfilled, at EPC-UK we do not stop there,” Keith continues. “We continue to keep peoples’ qualifications up-to-date and evaluate individuals’ performance through their onward careers. Our teams’ expertise and competencies are made continuously evident to customers, along with our ability to improve their operations, often through lean processes to advance innovation through work or equipment methods.”

Continual improvements 

“Our commitment to ongoing training is such, that both the company and its individuals are rewarded with evident, developmental improvements from every single training session or stage. 

“Equipped with advancing knowledge to better perform their roles, alongside the opportunity to enhance the function of the position they work within, employees are given the tools to develop and improve. As the saying goes, knowledge is power, which in this case is true, as by heightening understanding of the role, improvements can effectively be made.” 

The personal touch

“Our training programmes successfully serve to improve our business and its operations, however not all the encouraged learning and development is directly linked to work. At EPC-UK, personal development is just as valued, and we have seen first-hand how an employee’s individual progression can inspire confidence and self-worth, as well as give a person the ability to thrive during periods of change and make constructive and beneficial decisions.”

Reflecting our SPIRIT values

“EPC-UK’s professional training and personal development processes incorporate every single aspect of our Spirit value ethos. Some values, such as safety, are clearly vital to our business, and lead us to deliver focussed training to surpass safety measures on and off site. This commitment shows our passion for learning and innovation, as without our strong emphasis on training, we wouldn’t be able to improve vital processes or create the new technologies that advance our operations. This approach serves to illustrate the respect and integrity we demonstrate to our customers and suppliers; values they have come to rightly expect from EPC-UK. Also of note, this training commitment develops effective teamwork, encouraging employees’ confidence in their co-workers’ abilities and furthering understanding of the levels of competence required for individual roles; again, demonstrating how at EPC-UK, we raise the bar at each level, and through every training opportunity.”