Next career move – a professional transition from the military to EPC-UK

Feb 24, 2024

As a specialist in the drilling & blasting and commercial explosives field, EPC-UK is an ideal company for former military personnel with transferable skills to find job satisfaction and career progression following service with the Armed Forces.

We attract new employees from various military backgrounds including Infantry, Royal Engineers, Artillery, Royal Marines and the Parachute Regiment because of the dynamic, team focussed roles we offer, industry leading training and support we provide, and our exceptional renumeration and benefits packages.

‘A great place to work…’

“EPC-UK can be a natural fit for people who have served in the forces,” General Manager, Blasting and Explosives, Ben Coppock explains, “with many staying for the long-term to experience a rewarding career where personal and professional progression can be readily achieved.”     

‘…and transfer existing skills’

“We’re a supportive team, keen to upskill people with the right attitude and approach to working safely and effectively in our industry. Those joining us with abilities in teamworking, planning, accuracy, and experience of explosives and outdoor working environments can develop their competencies even further through our training programmes, finding that their pre-existing military experience allows them to ‘fit right in’.” 

EPC-UK is renowned within the sector for its SPIRIT value culture where Safety, Passion, Integrity, Respect, Innovation and Teamwork shape our working methodology, and Ben goes on to say that the company’s commitment to employees with active safety ambassador support and mental health assistance schemes is always demonstrated. 

“Whether working in a quarry or as part of our logistical team, a transition from the Armed Forces to EPC-UK can be compatible and fulfilling, and reached through positions including Drill Rig Operator, MEMU (Mobile Explosive Manufacturing Unit) Operator, Shotfirer, Explosive Engineer, Explosive Manufacturing Technician, Explosive Supervisor and Professional Driver,” he adds. 

Professional profile — EPC-UK Shotfirer Trainee

Name: Josh McNeil

Former Military Position and Service: Non-Commissioned Officer. 1st Battalion, The Parachute Regiment. Seven years of service.

Josh’s transferable skills: Communication, teamworking and technical skills. Operating and handling explosive type weapon systems and munitions and understanding the working parts, components, technical data and safe handling. Robust work ethic and ability to perform in hazardous, high-pressure situations. 

Joined EPC-UK: January 2024

Current role: Shotfirer Trainee on an accelerated learning programme

Benefits: “There are plenty of opportunities to progress and develop in a unique learning environment at EPC-UK,” Josh says, “and you can achieve recognisable qualifications while you work. The physical aspect of the job is well adjusted to the computer-based elements, and the hours and responsibilities can offer a positive work/life balance. Employees in some posts have access to a company vehicle included in their compensation package and both the trainee wage and qualified position wage are very competitive.”

Is EPC-UK a good fit for ex-military personnel? “Absolutely. Many team members who have served in the forces are experiencing a successful career here.  The working environment and potentially hazardous roles at EPC-UK require total professionalism and safety prioritisation, which gives you a familiar sense of responsibility. As with military life, you must constantly learn and adapt to changing working methods and use new technologies and you can always find a way to better yourself.”  

Professional profile — EPC-UK Site Supervisor

Name: Rory Singleton

Military Position and Service: Sergeant. 7th Parachute Regiment Royal Horse Artillery. 13 years of regular service and five years of Army Reserve service.

Rory’s transferable skills: An understanding of and respect for working with explosives. Valuing the team SPIRIT mentality and the importance of discipline. 

Joined EPC-UK: August 2023

Current role: Site Supervisor at Rough Close Works

Benefits: “I’ve found that EPC-UK is very good at supporting and developing its employees. I’ve been on numerous training programmes since I started working here, including the Advanced Driver Training and Leadership Development courses.  The financial compensation package and working hours are also to be recommended.”

A good fit for ex-military personnel? “Yes definitely. It’s a working environment well suited to those who have formerly served with the forces, especially if they have a mature approach and mentality.”


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