Welcome to the May edition of Onsite. It has been a month of momentum for EPC-UK, rich with opportunities to reunite as members of our team have once again been able to represent and showcase our company’s capabilities on a wider international stage.

It feels positive to be back ‘in person’, meeting colleagues from around the world and enjoying the physical experiences and benefits of discussing industry affecting issues, digitalized developments, and environmental strategies in a face-to-face capacity. 

Annual Groupe Convention

Members of our Commercial and Technical teams are recently back from Naples, Italy, where I joined them in sharing best practice surrounding safety and CSR strategies at the EPC Groupe annual convention. Discussing actions to offset our carbon emissions and the technologies needed to achieve net zero were agenda priorities, reenforcing EPC’s international commitment to performing cleaner, greener drilling & blasting operations as a consolidated business. 


Coming together at EFEE

The team and I have also represented EPC-UK at the EFEE (European Federation of Explosives Engineers) conference, held this month in Maastricht. Being able to support the wider EPC Groupe and meet objectively with professional peers following the restrictions of Covid was both enlightening and restorative. Audiences were impressed by presentations of papers written by Alex Bihlar, Technical Services Manager of EPC Sweden, and EPC-UK’s own Blast Engineers, Dr. Rob Farnfield and Dr. Liam Bermingham, whose paper focused on optimising energy to save money, speed-up workflows and devise safer, greener drilling & blasting practice.

I am extremely proud of both Rob and Liam. Their research and delivery are enabling operations across our entire industry to evolve, improve, and benefit both comprehensively and environmentally from the advantages of the digital age.  

EPC-UK Hillhead 2022

A welcome return to Hillhead

Rob and Liam will both be attending Hillhead 2022 in Buxton, Derbyshire, a calendar event we are keenly anticipating from the 21 -23 June. I have been truly impressed by the efforts our Commercial and Engineering teams have made in preparing for the event, visibly going the extra mile to present our most impressive stand delivery to date. With Virtual Reality demonstrations, examples of our latest Vertex technologies in action, EFEE paper highlights and an official introduction to EPC Metrics as a new, standalone company, Hillhead 2022 is set to become a flagship example of our industry-leading capabilities.

EPC-UK Hillhead 2022

Technical Director appointment – Dr. Rob Farnfield

Furthering the credibility of EPC Metrics, I am also delighted to announce that Dr. Rob Farnfield has this month been appointed as the company’s Technical Director. Bringing his extensive experience to the post, Rob’s expertise will serve to mentor and support EPC Metrics’ engineering teams, securing the exceptional level of skill and competency our customers have come to expect.

Business continuity planning 

As the concerning situation between Russia and Ukraine further challenges the lives of those directly affected and now globally, we continue to perform services for customers through the adversity, applying our programmes of business continuity planning to best effect.  Once again, I wish to offer my thanks and continued support to our hardworking and committed EPC employees. Visibly demonstrating our company’s SPIRIT ethos, my valued staff work with integrity and passion to ensure alternative solutions for customers are brought into effect wherever necessary, guaranteeing our capacity to consistently deliver through challenging times. They are a credit to our company and the EPC way.

For now, as we head into June, do visit us at Hillhead where we will have the long-awaited chance to come together as a progressive and optimistic industry again.  I hope to see you there.

Stay safe,

Ben Williams
Managing Director, EPC-UK