Our industry’s long-awaited return to the Hillhead Quarry in Buxton was a credit to the sector this year. Not only was it great to receive the best of the weather, but also the outstanding numbers of visitors both to the event and our stand, demonstrating the passion people working in our industry have for progress and professional connection.

I wish to thank our hardworking engineering and commercial teams, as well as Nova Design and Marketing for their outstanding efforts, commitment, and technological demonstrations, without which our exhibiting achievements would not be possible.

Recognition at the BAA Conference

This year’s Hillhead was preceded by another diary highpoint for EPC-UK and our sector, as on Monday 20th June we presented at the BAA Conference, also held in Buxton. This regarded opportunity to share expertise with others gave EPC-UK’s own up-and-coming industry forerunners an ideal platform to detail the technology both EPC-UK and EPC Metrics are progressing; and I’m extremely proud of Explosive Engineer, Dan Richards’ who during the event was presented with a highly commended award place for ‘Young Talent of the Year’. 

Our illustrious team 

That feeling of pride towards my valued team is articulated through the articles featured within this month’s edition of Onsite. From Dr. Liam Bermingham’s ground-breaking presentation delivery at the BAA and Hillhead, to the medal worthy Commit to be Fit accomplishments members of our staff have recently achieved.  Add to this the increasing confidences we’re experiencing first hand as we mature towards an interdependent working culture through our Stop Work Authority Card initiative, together with the strides made at Rough Close Works to bring digitized expertise to our Systems & Security division, and I feel fortunate to have people on board whose respect and attitudes truly reflect our SPIRIT values. 

Continuing our strategic path

Our company news away from the exhibition stand focuses on the development that, as of 13th June 2022, EPC United Kingdom PLC changed its legal status from being a PLC to a Limited Company. EPC-UK, in its PLC form was delisted from stock exchange activity several years ago. Now, following a full strategic review, the move to becoming a Limited structure will allow our organisation to remove the administrative cost of being a Public Limited Company and continue its strategic path towards becoming more sustainable. We have been progressively engineering the change, and as part of the process have kept stakeholders updated. We would like to confirm that our existing subsidiaries, including EPC Metrics Ltd and EPC Chemicals Ltd, will remain wholly owned by EPC United Kingdom Limited.

Maintaining the momentum 

Back in our sector’s community, and I see summer as a time to shine for the industry with a calendar of exhibitions and events that give us the scope to demonstrate innovations, share capabilities, develop mutually beneficial relationships, and learn from our partners and associates. Against a global backdrop that still presents significant challenges and concerns, the commitment those working in our industry show at these events towards embracing technological advancement and achieving Net Zero, whilst keeping the industry moving despite multiple real and affecting adversities, is to be admired. 

By working together as an industrial community, we can continue making a difference. We will be maintaining our own event momentum at the annual EPC-UK charity golf day on Thursday 8th September, a team spirited networking and fundraising occasion that I hope you will be able to join. All the very best.

Ben Williams
Managing Director, EPC-UK