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Keeping it in the family – a career at EPC-UK can be in the genes

Oct 23, 2023

EPC-UK is renowned for recruiting people from the same family, and in many of our divisions working for EPC-UK has become a family affair with employees often recommending that their relatives also join the team. 

Over the months we’ll be telling the professional stories of related employees from different areas of the business. First to feature are brothers Paul and Kevin Garment, both of whom perform multiblend roles within the same MB20 crew on our Scotland sites. 

Paul joins the team

After being introduced to EPC-UK through his work as an agency driver in 2003, Paul accepted a position with us in 2007, followed by Kevin in the same year.  Explaining more about the role, and his reasons for recommending that his brother follow a similar occupational route, Paul says:

“I enjoyed working for EPC-UK from the very start. I have a role within the team where no two days are the same. It has been a profession that has taken me all over the UK and to places with some of the best scenery in the world, so I find it a privilege to be performing this job each working day. 

“My first position with EPC-UK was as a van driver. Having had previous experience as an agency driver for different businesses, I knew from the beginning that EPC-UK was a good company to work for. I could see straight away that there were great systems in place to support employees, both in and away from work, and attractive and enabling perks including reward schemes and development programmes that other companies didn’t offer.

“I was soon given the opportunity to receive in-house training and progressed to becoming a Hose Operative on the multiblend trucks before qualifying as a Multiblend Operator. Since working for EPC-UK I have also received training for my telehandler, manual handling, ADR, HGV and first aider qualifications.

“Working as part of a multiblend crew is a rewarding role that requires you to be part of a team, performing any and every task to keep the depot running efficiently, from yard cleaning and maintaining the trucks, to trace printing and making up customer orders. The position felt right for me, so when another post became available with the crew later in 2007, I didn’t hesitate in recommending that my brother Kevin apply.” 

Kevin gets appointed

“I knew Kevin would be a great addition to the team. He is hard working and loyal and has the discipline and commitment to competently carry out any role he’s tasked with.”

Commenting, Kevin says: “On Paul’s referral, I came on board as a Multiblend Assistant. I was only 21 at the time and remember how entering the explosives industry felt like an exciting opportunity and challenge. My passion for the role was there from the beginning and I have not lost my enthusiasm since. I now perform a variety of tasks, from hose handling and operating the MB20 truck to working on customer orders and providing support for a multitude of depot duties. The Learning & Development programmes that have been available to me through EPC-UK have been extremely enabling. I have gained my HGV class 1 and ADR qualifications and was promoted to Multiblend Operator in 2012. I have also achieved my BETO competency award in Bulk Explosive Truck Operations, and more recently completed my shotfirer course. 

“My role is great,” Kevin continues. “I love being outdoors, and the crew travels around the country so we experience working in different places. Our Manager, Alan Falconer, has built a brilliant team that is committed to the company’s SPIRIT values of Safety, Passion, Integrity, Respect, Innovation and Teamwork. Everyone in the crew helps each other and EPC-UK makes us feel supported and updated regarding every aspect of our roles. The company culture is open, welcoming and confidence building, actively encouraging us to engage with safety ideas and suggestions all the time. This makes it a great place to work, even when the weather is challenging!”

Brothers on board

Kevin and Paul have been working as part of the same MB20 crew for the past six years, the camaraderie from which they both enjoy. “Working with Paul is fantastic,” Kevin says. “Respect and trust within the crew is fundamental to our delivery of a safe, quality service for customers and we definitely bring those qualities to the job.”

“We have a close relationship,” Paul adds, “and bounce off one another well, while playing to our individual strengths. Also, the EPC-UK support we have had as relatives has been great. I have found that the company culture focusses on supporting both individuals and families. The comprehensive assistance and encouragement we received during the Covid-19 pandemic was second to none, with our Head of Human Resources, Julie Wootton, calling team members weekly to see if the company could provide them with additional help of any kind.  I felt that EPC-UK went above and beyond for its employees, making the business stand out from the rest.

“It is easy to see why team members recommend EPC-UK to their relations. My nephew Jordan, who has a mechanical background, has just started working at our Scotland depot. He is already gaining experience from the position and learning all the time, rolling his sleeves up and getting stuck into the job. I’d say he, like Kevin and myself, has a good future ahead of him at EPC-UK.”

Ready for a new challenge?

If you’re interested in a role at EPC-UK and have previous experience or transferrable skills that could suit a position within our dynamic, safety driven team, visit the EPC-UK careers page of our website, or email Julie.Wootton@epc-groupe.co.uk 

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