As a Site of Scientific Interest, together with its proximity to the local community, compliance is key for Aggregate Industries’ Bardon Hill Quarry in Coalville, Leicestershire.

Ensuring all activity on site adheres to strict planning regulations and within established vibration restrictions is essential to the continued successful operation of Bardon Hill, as Quarry Manager, Andrew Jackson, explains:

“We are extremely lucky to work on a site that has been deemed of significant scientific importance. However, alongside this comes the responsibility of managing and conserving such an environment whilst maintaining effective business operations. To help us achieve this, we required an intuitive solution that provided instant access to data and enabled us to constantly monitor the situation within the quarry, whilst still achieving optimum blasting results. This is when we turned to EPC-UK.”

Remote, reliable, recurring data

Working closely with Andrew and his team, Ryan Ward, Commercial Manager at EPC-UK, together with the wider EPC Metrics team of specialist engineers and consultants, designed a ‘Planning to Comply’ solution that consisted of four fixed remote monitoring systems strategically placed at key locations around the Bardon Hill site.

“After carefully considering Andrew’s requirements, together with the site’s importance and closeness to local amenities and residential dwellings, we knew our fixed remote monitoring systems offered the most effective approach,” explains Ryan.

“These innovative stations facilitate immediate access to consistent and accurate event data, such as blasting vibration and air over pressure. This data is fed directly to a cloud-based platform which enables remote access and negates the need for travel to and from a monitoring site and removes the time-consuming process of downloading results in the field.”

The remote monitoring stations, which can be either pole mounted with a solar panel or wall mounted for mains power use and can be installed at both internal and external locations around a site, play a key component in EPC-UK’s ‘Planning to Comply’ solution.

Complete compliance

Our ‘Planning to Comply’ approach to environmental monitoring enables our customers to be proactive, rather than reactive, in meeting planning permission constraints, managing any grievances and ensuring blast optimisation. Utilising the consultancy support of our knowledgeable EPC Metrics engineers, we can create leading indicators through predictive software, regression model creation and advanced expertise. This methodology and service, combined with the fixed remote monitoring system, provides reliable and accurate data to ensure a pro-actively managed operation that benefits all stakeholders.

Bardon Hill is already reaping the benefits of this ‘Planning to Comply’ methodology and associated equipment, as Andrew continues:

“EPC-UK’s fixed remote monitoring system is enabling us to accurately examine vibration, air over-pressure and environmental conditions at any time – day or night. This immediate access to data is allowing us to proactively remain within the parameters that have been set and remain compliant at all times.

“In addition, the professional, advanced equipment and supporting consultancy service offered by EPC-UK, is providing peace of mind to all parties involved in the management of our site, whilst optimising our blasts and facilitating the continued success of our business.”

The installation at Bardon Hill is a demonstration of our intimate understanding of the needs of the modern quarry and its surrounding areas.

“The fixed remote monitoring stations at Bardon Hill are proving invaluable in terms of the site remaining well within its compliance limits. In turn, this is helping to foster good working relations between the quarry, the local council and the surrounding neighbourhoods, all of which allows the team at Bardon Hill to concentrate on the task at hand,” concludes Ryan.

Here at EPC-UK we work closely with you to understand the individual requirements and restrictions of your blasting operation and tailor your blasting parameters to deliver optimal results. Contact our EPC Metrics team to find out more.