With our official launch of the Vertex software solution to unveil, recent introduction of EPC Metrics as a stand-alone company, and opportunities to hear Dr. Liam Bermingham delivering elements of his latest European Federation of Explosives Engineers (EFEE) paper, we have a stella line up of Hillhead highlights ready to showcase on Stand B21 at this year’s anticipated event. 

Following the easing of the Covid-19 restrictions of the last two years, we’re keen to be back on the stand and welcome the opportunity to exhibit our capabilities and industry leading technologies to visitors. We’re delighted to be returning to ‘The Quarry’ and are setting the stage to reveal EPC’s latest digital innovations and customer focused services, all collaboratively developed by professionals through our set of core SPIRIT values that encompass Safety, Passion, Integrity, Respect, Innovation and Teamwork.

Ahead of the main event, here’s an overview of the ‘future ready’ digitized quarrying expertise our stand team, led by General Manager Blasting & Explosives Ben Coppock, will be presenting when we head over to Buxton in June: 

An innovative itinerary

EPC’s Hillhead highlights this year will include Virtual Reality demonstrations of our ground-breaking Vertex software package – a digital tool developed to combine all three of EPC’s blasting platforms – Expertir, Expertab and ExplOre.

Designed to refine and optimise blast performance, Vertex allows planned and delivered blast parameters to be stored before EPC Metrics’ methodologies are used to assess customers’ blast performance against incremental changes in design. By incorporating drone photogrammetry techniques and 3D modelling, we’re using the software’s intelligence to reduce operating costs and heighten safety.


Vertex’s components – Expertir, Expertab, ExplOre


During Hillhead, we’ll be demonstrating Expertir in action. This is the blast design software element of Vertex that works in conjunction with specialist drone technologies. It supports digital sources to feed gathered site data into the Vertex software package, so we can achieve the best possible outcomes for each blast performed. 


Our team will show how Expertir can support MEMU truck and drill rig operators in the field with a notebook version of the software, Expertab. This can be used to capture drilling information digitally, before it’s remotely transferred back to the drill and blast team so they can design the required blast, record results and information, and send saved data back into Expertir.


Using ‘ExplOre’ through Vertex, we’ll demonstrate to visitors how KPI data can be analysed together within an online cloud-based database. This allows effective decisions to be made regarding future blast designs and target blast parameter changes, improving fragmentation, efficiencies and delivering true ‘mine-to-mill’ understanding for customers.

Expertir blast design software - in action

Technology in practice

Vertex’s capabilities are supporting our teams in executing advanced levels of blast design expertise. Our ‘Senior Supervisor’ in the Southwest, Dave McGinty has headed a team that’s been at the forefront of EPC’s work to implement and practically test 3D photogrammetry for surveying purposes. Enabling our engineering research & development to progress Vertex technologies from the theoretical stage to the field, the benefits in safety, accuracy and time taken to deliver necessary surveys have, with Dave’s practical support, been notably delivered. 

Dave has also worked closely with our technical teams to enable the ongoing development of the three Vertex systems, applying the technology within live projects and progressively identifying software improvements, demonstrating to customers our ability to respond quickly and directly to their specific needs.

Vertex at Hillhead

Catch up with EPC on Stand B21 and find out more about how Vertex can improve operations through benefits including:


  • Safer, more accurate surveying completed by the drone
  • The production of, and interaction with, highly accurate 3D models of rock mass to be blasted
  • Auto drill layout to optimise drill holes to the rock mass and provide optimal energy distribution
  • GPS technology that interacts with Expertir and communicates between in-field assets to assure the accuracy of hole positioning in relation to blast design
  • Interaction with smart drilling processes
  • Remote data storage and access to the Explore online database, supporting optimisation of blast design processes via remote technical support 
  • Autoprobe – an automatic digital hole probing device 
  • The acquisition of digital drilling information to support blast design process
  • The capability to combine blast design information and data capture with loading, hauling and crushing/processing telematics to create overall processing improvements.

We proudly present…industry leading expertise 

Following on from last year’s online delivery of his acclaimed Digitization, Evolution at the Interface Stream’ presentation, Dr. Liam Bermingham will this year present in person, covering elements of his latest European Federation of Explosives Engineers (EFEE) paper on optimised blast performance.

EPC Metrics – official launch

During the exhibition, EPC stand visitors will also discover more about the value-added services EPC Metrics can offer in its new format as a stand-alone company. 

Skilled at applying the latest drone and 3D modelling technology to ‘Fly, Monitor & Analyse’ the way towards safer and more streamlined quarrying practice, Commercial Manager Ryan Ward and EPC Metrics’ engineers Sam Skinner and Dan Richards will be demonstrating the technologies we’ve developed.

See first-hand, and through on-stand VR technologies, how we’re using drone mapping and modelling services and fixed remote monitoring stations to assure environmental compliance, environmental and vibration management, and blast performance and fragmentation analysis. We’ll be demonstrating EPC Metrics’ synergised approach to providing a complete value-added solution and giving details of our equipment sale and hire offering, equipment servicing and calibration, and consultancy expertise. 

Visit Stand B21 during Hillhead, which runs between the 21-23 June 2022 in Buxton to find out more about how EPC is at the forefront of the quarrying future, or to make an enquiry sooner, email ryan.ward@epc-groupe.co.uk