We appreciate that elements of our customers’ operations can be dependent on the effective processes EPC-UK itself puts in place. Our reliability, integrity and teamwork successes can often be the vital components that enable our customers to perform. Against a business backdrop that has seen changing challenges over almost two years, our attention and commitment to delivering exceptional levels of customer service has strengthened yet further.  Our industry’s operating platform has required key players to perform with a level of integrity as never before and demonstrate our capability to work safely and innovatively, so business, in these most unusual times, can continue. 

Understanding the importance of passionate customer service and the role effective relationships play from her own personal experience is Customer Service Manager, Charlotte Hegarty. She talks to us about the significance of her role which is essential to our company’s ability to perform. 

Having worked at Rough Close Works for just over nine years, Charlotte currently oversees all the operation’s truck bookings and allocation of resources. Her view of what constitutes effective customer service is one that we value and continue to learn from. She explains:

“We’ve long prioritised the importance of delivering strong levels of effective customer service at EPC-UK, focussed on the capable assistance and knowledgeable advice we provide. It’s always been our intention to ensure customers not only feel served, but also safe, and that any problems experienced are readily and confidently resolved.”

Looking at the figures

“Statistics show that when good or excellent service is delivered, 7 out of 10 customers feel willing to further engage with a company, demonstrate their loyalty and repeat their business. Furthermore, if a complaint is resolved in the customer’s favour, evidence suggests that that customer will be likely to return to the company, 70% of the time.

“Of course, it’s far easier to recall the bad customer service experiences than the good ones, which serves to demonstrate the importance of ensuring a customer focused approach. Whilst 80% of companies may say they deliver ‘superior’ customer service, only 8% of customers believe this is effectively delivered. Reports of bad customer experiences reach twice as many ears as praise for positive encounters, whilst for every customer who decides to complain, 26 customers remain silent.”

Driven to deliver

“Figures such as these serve to further our commitment to ensuring EPC-UK’s standard of service is exemplary. We’re constantly fine tuning our service operation and developing our sales hub. By advancing planning processes and checks, as well as our Net Promotor Score (NPS) – a market research recommendation metric generated from customer survey results – we’re delivering improvements and building on valued relationships that matter to us now and will continue to do so in times to come.”

“Customers will forget what you have said, customers will forget what you did, but customers will never forget how you made them feel.” 

360-degree feedback 

“My approach is to be transparent, trustworthy and to demonstrate our core SPIRIT values with effective communication within the commercial team, always ensuring the customer’s perspective and opinions are not just measured, but represented and actioned where appropriate. This feedback forms part of our partnership approach with our customers and is regularly communicated. I am empowered within my role to address issues directly which is of great value to me.”

Looking to the future 

“At EPC-UK, it’s our technological capabilities and individual skills that set us apart. We’re acknowledged as leaders within our field, with a focus on digitalized advancement. As individuals and teams, we’re constantly preparing to take our business forward and place emphasis on the importance of personal development through LEAN training, enabling employees to further their capabilities in flexible ways. 

“We believe too that our relationships form the thread that unifies our service and enables us to deliver such strong results. Effective communication is key and is valued across everything we do; it’s the mechanism by which we have developed our customer rapport, ‘one team’ culture, and effective SPIRIT Value mindset https://www.epc-groupe.co.uk/our-values/

“By continuing to place communications and relationships as our priorities, we’re confident that we’ll be able to progress our customer service capabilities further, no matter what challenges our industry may face in the future.”