Further demonstrating our commitment to supporting military service leavers in finding new routes towards career progression and professional development, we’re proud to announce that EPC-UK has become both a signatory of the Armed Forces Covenant, and a Bronze Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) Award recipient; a commendation endorsing our armed forces community support.

Signing the covenant demonstrates our pledge of acknowledgment and understanding that those who serve, or who have served, in the armed forces and their families should be treated with fairness and respect in the communities, economy and society they serve with their lives.

Businesses, charitable and public sector organisations of all sizes can sign the covenant and demonstrate their support of the armed forces community in their own individual way. 

At EPC-UK, our covenant has been personally signed by Managing Director, Ben Williams, who believes that with the right support and encouragement, individuals’ ex-service expertise can be successfully transferred to develop the specialist skillsets members of our experienced team confidently deliver.

We also appreciate and assist our employees whose reservist activities serve to broaden their personal knowledge and experiences.

Simultaneously, the Bronze Award status we’ve received as part of the Employer Recognition Scheme has yet further confirmed our position of commitment, actively illustrating EPC-UK’s dedication to supporting this valuable covenant programme.

Further developing transferable skills

As a forces friendly employer, Ben believes reservists and veterans bring a range of transferable skills and qualities to EPC-UK’s various working environments, demonstrating attributes and capabilities that have been developed throughout their military careers.

Ex-marine and ex-paratrooper employees are among the professionals who have chosen to progress follow-on careers with EPC-UK, finding that by realigning their relevant and valuable abilities, new, gratifying careers can be pursued. 

One employee who has successfully made the transition from Royal Marine to EPC-UK employee is John Baker, who as a result of an advancing career with our company, is now Transport Manager South: 

As an employer, EPC-UK respects the significant amount of time and energy its employees spend working, and as such takes the safety, health and wellbeing of staff very seriously, as Managing Director, Ben Williams explains:

“During my time in service, I developed a problem-solving mindset and a strategic aptitude for routing squadron vehicles, often at short notice,” he explains. “Such logistical, highly organised skills, combined with an ability to perform as part of a team, have served me well in the drilling & blasting and commercial explosives field.


“EPC-UK has been supportive in enabling my professional development, helping me to further my expertise through a comprehensive programme of training, whilst presenting opportunities to advance my roles; from my initial employment as a MEMU Operator, to fulfilling the management position I perform today.” 

Adding comment, Ben Williams said: “As a company, we have the utmost respect for those who have served our country in a military capacity. We wish to be regarded as an employer that’s keen to acknowledge ex-service capabilities and develop individuals’ future opportunities.

“Professionally, a move from the armed forces to a civilian career with EPC-UK can be both compatible and fulfilling. Roles here are diverse, and our numerous divisions thrive when supported by employees who have a passion to perform, whether that is within an office location, managing our logistical functions, or demonstrating proficiencies out on a quarry top. 


“There are many opportunities for ex-service individuals to develop and progress within our company, with each benefiting from targeted support, tailored learning and development, and progressive employee investment.”

Making safety and wellbeing matter

Ben goes on to explain that EPC-UK is also firmly committed to ensuring individuals’ physical and mental safety are the company’s number one priority:

“We’re committed to achieving Zero Harm, and actively encourage a culture of “looking out for each other” across every level of our business, placing the safety of our employees, customers, and partners as paramount at all times.  


“At EPC-UK, we value the worth of mental wellbeing, and strive to help all our employees harness a positive approach to work and life as they progress their careers with us. With programmes including safety ambassador support, a ‘commit to be fit’ initiative and mental health assistance – schemes specifically devised to assure our duty of care and uphold our SPIRIT ethos – we’re further demonstrating our working dedication to Safety, Passion, Integrity, Respect, Innovation and Teamwork. 

Showcasing career opportunities

Having recently accelerated our former armed services recruitment drive at the 2021 Pathfinder ex-military event, we have now confirmed attendance at 8, CTP (Career Transition Partnership) events scheduled to take place across the country in 2022 – www.ctp.org.uk/events/categories

“We’re an employer keen to talk to individuals about the positions and development programmes we offer,” Ben adds. “Roles that could ignite a fresh, professional interest towards a dynamic new career pathway.  Our covenant signatory and recent award accolade serve to further reiterate that commitment and strengthen our pledge to continue performing as a forces friendly employer.”