Despite these uncertain times, at EPC-UK we’re continuing our efforts to support our employees’ health and wellbeing at work – as much as feasibly possible – starting with a ‘virtual coffee break’.

Accessed through Microsoft Teams, the video call-in will chime with the company’s SPIRIT philosophy and create a chance for employees to join a group conversation about practically anything. The subject matter needn’t relate to the current affairs that are surrounding us at present, but rather keep the company connected regarding other positive news, insights and information.

Spearheading the online chat concept is Logistics and Defence Manager, Carl Newton, who comments: “In the current unprecedented climate, we need to adapt the way we interact and communicate with our fellow colleagues; rather than risk losing touch altogether during a disconcerting time.

“By meeting up online, our team will be able to connect and inject a bit of fun into one another’s lives, which although sounds like a simple concept, can have an instant and far reaching positive effect.

While our employees will feel physically isolated over these coming weeks, we’d like to help avoid them experiencing the same mentally. We hope this video call can play its part in doing that. Although the call will not be mandatory, it will be live on Microsoft Teams for staff to tap into should they wish, at 2pm each afternoon.”

Adding his thoughts, EPC-UK Managing Director, Ben Williams said:

“As part of our ongoing “Commit to be fit” campaign, we’ll be doing all we can to support and guide our valued staff as the restrictions and natural concerns surrounding the Coronavirus unfold.

The company has long been an advocate of the benefits of nurturing balanced mental health and I feel that by keeping the conversation flowing and staying connected, together we’ll see this challenging period through.

Depending on the feedback and popularity of the virtual coffee break, we intend to create other online events and make them available for staff to join.”