It’s Blastonbury week at Buxton for EPC-UK! 

Kicking off a week of summer industry events, EPC-UK joined a group of sector specialists at this year’s British Aggregates Association Annual Conference, an event organised by the association for independent quarry operators that’s designed to develop knowledge and help share expertise.

About the BAA

The British Aggregates Association was formed in 1999 and is established as the voice of the UK’s independent SME quarry operators. Run by people with experience covering all aspects of the minerals industry, the association provides essential support and advice surrounding health & safety, planning, transport, environmental, technical, and regulatory issues; whilst ensuring that the voice of the independent sector is heard at all levels of the UK administration. In addition to receiving highly skilled support, BAA members also benefit from direct access to top decision makers in government.

EPC-UK - BAA Conference

Bringing the team’s expertise to Buxton

At this year’s conference, which took place on Monday June 20th, EPC-UK Explosive Engineers, Dr. Liam Bermingham and Dan Richards were joined by General Manager Blasting and Explosives, Ben Coppock, and Customer Service Manager, Charlotte Hegarty. Also held in Buxton, the event showcased industry presentations and keynote speeches. This created an engaging platform for the team behind EPC-UK’s technologies to interact with the industry focusing on our progressive capabilities, innovation and advanced skillsets. 

Dr. Bermingham took to the stage with his latest ‘The Digital Quarry – Blasting to Net Zero’ presentation, which details the methods and technologies EPC-UK and EPC Metrics are developing for customers to progressively optimise blast performance in support of achieving a net zero carbon footprint through incremental blast refinements and optimisation.

“The BAA conference in June heralds the start of an important showcase week for our industry,” Liam said. “It creates a key platform to present on subjects including how technology can benefit a wholesale move to digital blasting and the opportunities that affords in terms of datamining. We’re already working on improvements that will make the ever-increasing precision with which we apply explosive energy to any given rock mass a development based on scientific methodology, and by doing so will increasingly produce optimal fragmentation for customers.”

EPC-UK - BAA Conference

Award recognition for Dan

With EPC Metrics recently launched as its own standalone company, Dan Richards explained more to attendees about the team’s ability to add significant value to operations using digitized techniques and analysis. Impressively, Dan was also shortlisted as a nominee for the BAA’s Young Industry Talent of the Year award. His presentation, delivered as part of the award submission, was warmly received, and contributed to him receiving the accolade’s ‘highly commended’ place.

“It was great to be out there at the BAA conference this week, representing both EPC-UK, EPC Metrics and the companies’ SPIRIT values of Safety, Passion, Integrity, Respect, Innovation and Teamwork,” Dan says. “The event is an ideal environment to meet peers and associates who are as committed to the industry’s progression as EPC. Furthermore, it’s a great way to inform others within the field of the relevant technical advancements we’re achieving through our application of specialist software and digitized techniques. The EPC Metrics way is to demonstrate that expertise doesn’t stop when the blast is on the ground. To really achieve value, experience and know-how need to be applied to customers’ operations by effectively analysing the downstream process – from the load & haul to the crushing & screening: capabilities that EPC-UK and EPC Metrics can deliver with confidence.” 

Commenting for The British Aggregates Association, Director of Communications, David Lukey added:

 “The annual conference creates a platform for our members and industry professionals to work together for a better industry and share our collective experiences. This year’s eclectic mix of speakers and keynotes tackled industry issues, explored emerging technologies and detailed a thought-provoking sustainability industry report card. The Young Industry Talent Award premiered at this year’s conference took time out to look at the young people who have joined our industry, and potential leaders of the future. Congratulations to Dan Richards for his highly commended place. We would also like to offer our special thanks to EPC-UK for being our main conference sponsor.” 


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