EPC-UK is proud to announce that as of 1st January 2022, our EPC Metrics division will officially become its own operating entity.

Whilst still part of the wider EPC-UK company, this progressive development creates an opportunity for our specialist metrics engineers to deliver value-added, technically advanced services to customers, outside of our established drilling and blasting offering. 

Already recognised for its capabilities in delivering state-of-the-art technologies to analyse and optimise quarry performance, meet planning requirements, and improve operations, the move creates a platform for EPC Metrics to grow its aptitudes further, especially in terms of digital advancement.

EPC Metrics drone survey
EPC Metrics drone survey

A specialist Metrics offering

Skilled at applying the latest drone and 3D modelling technology to ‘Fly, Monitor & Analyse’ the way towards safer and more streamlined quarrying practice, EPC Metrics’ engineers provide an expanding customer base with advanced technical support and services to solve the challenging, complex, and critical needs of their businesses. 

The provision of drone mapping, modelling services and fixed remote monitoring stations for environmental compliance comprise elements of the engineers’ service. Environmental and vibration management, blast performance and fragmentation analysis also feature within the team’s capabilities, in addition to an equipment sale and hire offering, equipment servicing and calibration, and consultancy expertise. 

Safer, digitized operations 

Advancing data analysis is enabling EPC Metrics’ quarry and mine management services to be taken to the next level, leading operations to become increasingly digitally advanced through our ability to measure and map sites using drone technology, combined with advanced photogrammetry techniques and browser-based 3D surveys.

“We are a team with proven proficiency and a unique knowledge base,” Commercial Manager, Ryan Ward says, “which together place us as experts within this increasingly technological and fast accelerating field. By delivering our services through a new, autonomous company, with a dedicated team, expertly placed to perform within our specialist market, customers will be able to fully realise the technical value our engineers can offer their operations, subsequently making sites safer and more efficient by utilising the latest technologies and techniques available.”

Developing mill-to-mine studies

Together, proven capabilities and services, combined with a collaborative stakeholder approach are enabling EPC Metrics and its customers to drive a programme of advanced mine-to-mill studies. By benefit-sharing partner agreements, based on positive blasting impacts and their effect on overall quarrying or mining performance, from load and haul to crushing, better blasting practice is already being achieved, as Ryan explains:

Frag assestment via drone anaysis

Tonnes per excavator pass

Percentage scalpings / primary power consumption trend over time

Blast pattern layout comparison

“Our studies, which involve substantial data gathering from our own team, load and haul contractors and individual quarrying operations are enabling us to map long term trends, adjust various blasting parameters where necessary, measure the effects and analyse the results to determine whether or not a blast has had a positive effect on the overall performance of the quarry. Sharing and quantifying such data, then using it to progress, demonstrates a truly collaborative approach to operational advancement – from quarry face to gate – because to enable a quarry to perform at its optimal level, everything must start with good blasting and the ability to effectively analyse how that blast impacts overall site performance.” 

To find out more about EPC Metrics’ capabilities, please contact Ryan Ward – Commercial Manager on 01773 832253 or email epc-metrics@epc-groupe.co.uk