The EPC-UK sales and hire division works within the company’s wider EPC Metrics team, supported by engineers who harness advanced technical expertise to solve the challenging and complex needs of our customers’ businesses. 

By applying state-of-the-art techniques and technologies, together with appropriate analysis tools, our sales and hire equipment can provide the most suitable solutions needed to optimise performance, meet planning requirements and improve operations.

Through the supply of reliable environmental monitoring equipment and blasting tools & accessories for both sale and hire, we have established a reputation for the high quality and advanced capabilities of our technical solutions, alongside a standard of customer service that reflects our commitment to innovation and transparency at every stage.

Our portfolio of equipment includes a variety of environmental monitoring systems, ROBIS (the Remotely Operated Blast Initiation System), and the state-of-the-art EPC Start. Individually or combined, this equipment can supply operations with the precise solutions they require. Complementing the portfolio, and for sale only, we also offer a number of blasting accessories:


EPC Metrics

The EPC-UK Remote Operated Blast Initiation System (ROBIS) is a remote firing non-electric detonator initiator. With an effective useable range of up to 1,000 metres, the ROBIS enables the user to fire a blast remotely with an on-bench blaster and remote trigger, helping to improve safety and encourage best practice. 


Our sale and hire fleet of seismographs ranges from portable units to advanced fixed monitoring systems that can be chosen to meet your requirements. We are also flexible in hire terms and offer a wide range of seismographs that can suit your monitoring needs. The systems – which can measure vibration, air over pressure, and noise and acceleration – ensure your project and operation can remain compliant.

EPC Start

EPC Start is a portable hand-held spark inducing non-electric detonator initiator that has been designed and manufactured by the industry experts at EPC-UK. It’s simple yet effective design, with it’s ease of use and reliability, make it a must have for non-electric initiations.

Blasting accessories

EPC-UK supplies a complete range of complementary blasting accessories including:

• Stemming Rods

• Pig Tails

• Shock Tube Initiators

• ‘ROBIS’ Remote Shock Tube Initiator

• Seismographs

• Cartridge Prickers

• Copper Connecting Wire

• Shotfiring Cable

• “Plystem” Clay Stemming

• Layflat Tubing

“Whether providing support to drilling & blasting services or supplying individual pieces of equipment for specific blasting purposes, the EPC Metrics team can be completely relied upon to recommend and supply the most appropriate equipment and systems,” says Ryan Ward, Commercial Manager at EPC-UK.


“Our equipment offering is designed to provide the best results compliantly and effectively. By making it available for sale or hire, we’re presenting the most appropriate options to our clients for each individual operation.


“By talking to the team, you’ll be guided towards the most suitable solutions and equipment. Together we’ll put a programme of supply in place to ensure your blasting operation delivers the required results.”

To make an EPC Metrics enquiry, please contact Ryan Ward – Commercial Manager using the email address or telephone number below:

01773 832253 or email