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You will be aware from recent news reports the spread of the Coronavirus is now of international concern.

Government reports indicate that should the virus spread further it will likely impact upon businesses. Whereas EPC-UK is not able to control the spread of the virus, we are taking this opportunity to outline measures that are being put in place to mitigate, as far as practical, the impact on the business and our customers.

EPC-UK holds the ISO 22301 accreditation for Business Continuity Planning, risks to the business are continually monitored and assessed as part of this process. The production of explosive and chemical products at the core of EPC-UK operations require importation and handling of chemicals and products from across the globe, which in the current environment is recognised as a potential risk. Further to this a recent government report suggests that up to a 5th of the work force could be absent during peak weeks of a potential outbreak.

A review has been undertaken of critical materials and processes with measures put in place to mitigate, as far as is practical, both the spread of the virus and disruption to supply lines.

High Risk Individuals, Overseas Deliveries: Delivery drivers and boat crews in particular have been highlighted as high risk given the nature of the work they undertake in the importation of goods in many cases from overseas. In order to attempt to limit the spread of a virus these individuals will be handled carefully on arrival at site to limit exposure to employees and facilities.

Critical Materials: A review is being undertaken of key raw materials to secure sufficient stock or supply lines to provide a buffer for any possible fluctuations in supply.

Continuity Products: In line with our Business Continuity Planning we are working with the wider EPC Groupe in Europe to ensure supply routes for alternative products remain open and available should we need to call on these resources.

In addition to the above measures, all employees are being briefed accordingly and control measures implemented.

Although we are not able to fully control an outbreak please be assured that we will work to minimise the impact to our customers. We will continue to monitor the situation and communicate additional advice as it becomes appropriate.


Ben Williams
Managing Director


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