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Due to the significant investment in recent years that EPC-UK has made with regards to IT infrastructure (Cyber Essentials Plus), manufacturing operations, mobile plant, procedures, systems and most importantly our people. We are in an excellent position to continue to support your business in these challenging times.

One of the key strategic pillars of our business has been our Business Continuity and Crisis Management Team (CMT) Procedures, which are now in full operation. These cover each activity of our business and now involve holding daily CMT meetings, together with a coordinated effort with our stakeholders and updated action plans in this very fluid environment. The EPC-UK Executive (CMT) ensures consistent measures are taken across all our activities and we have and will continue to implement the Government guidelines.

We have also taken additional measures based on an assessment of likely future scenarios in order to mitigate the impact on your service delivery from EPC-UK.

  • Stocks: A review of raw materials and factored (imported – finished) products has been undertaken to ensure sufficient stock is held and is available within the local supply chain.
  • Segregation of Personnel: Measures have been taken to segregate (as far as practical) employees into small working groups to prevent a rapid spread of the virus across the business. Non-essential meetings have been cancelled, meeting sizes and travel restricted, with working from home encouraged and all educational courses postponed until further notice.
  • Multiskilling of Personnel: A review of key skills has been undertaken and, where possible, additional personnel trained to undertake activities to provide additional support if necessary.
  • IT Systems and Office Functions: Customer-facing office functions have been split into two separate geographic locations. Further to this all customer facing office staff have been provided with remote working capabilities to ensure orders can be taken and processed safely.
  • Manufacturing Operations: all manufacturing personnel have been split into segregated teams on differing shift patterns. Enhanced cleaning regimes for equipment have been implemented.
  • Head Office, HR, Learning & Development and Finance: are all now working remotely with the Venture Crescent Office closed as a base from Monday 23rd March for the foreseeable future.
  • Educational courses, shotfiring and explosive supervisor courses: will be postponed for the foreseeable future (other modes of delivery are being explored and you will be contacted once an alternative can be arranged).

We are acting in accordance with current Government advice and isolating those personnel in our workforce deemed to be in the high risk or vulnerable categories. We anticipate this having limited impact on office based administrational employees, however some field-based personnel will be unavailable during this period and this is likely to be the first notable impact on the business. EPC-UK fully supports this move in the interests of protecting our employees.

We believe the time is now right to engage directly with our key customers on measures to manage the impact of the spread of the coronavirus and we propose to instigate regular reviews with key nominated personnel at our customers’ businesses. We would ask you to consider the following points in preparation for this:

  • Nomination of a single point of contact from your business to coordinate activities.
  • Structured B2B communication to manage the situation as it develops.
  • Prioritisation of your sites in the event of limited resource availability.
  • Flexible Working – Single manning of bulk trucks / multiple daily shots per truck.
  • Streamlined appointments allowing EPC-UK to draw on resources nationally to deliver local demand.
  • Remote or virtual site inductions (e.g. signing in and out of locations by telephone protocol) – therefore reducing exposure of personnel to enclosed office environments.
  • Efficiency – Additional focus to maximise shot sizes and drill metres achieved per site visit.
  • Basic training of customer personnel at key sites to support blasting (i.e. in bulk truck hose handling).
  • Post 3 months – Substitution/flexibility of products – i.e. longer length detonator leads or bulk emulsion in place of ANFO, in conjunction with our service teams.

Please rest assured that EPC-UK is working hard to mitigate, as far as is practical, any possible disruption to business and if you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.


Ben Williams
Managing Director



If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us: