Celebrating an exceptional year of employee achievement, the EPC-UK Senior Management Team has been delighted to announce the three equal place winners of our Above and Beyond Special Recognition Awards 2021.

A programme of employee appreciation designed to honour team members for their hard work and professionalism, the Above and Beyond Special Recognition Awards programme selects the annual champions from our high calibre quarterly Above and Beyond achievement winners and presents them with a financial reward for their personal instances of professional excellence.

Encouraging employees to work by our company’s core SPIRIT values of Safety, Passion, Integrity, Respect, Innovation and Teamwork, the award programme was launched in January this year. Its concept has presented us with a new platform to value, respect and encourage our hard-working team, who against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, challenging lockdown restrictions, and recent escalating energy price factors, have continued to surpass expectations over the past 12-months.

The achievements and aptitudes of the year’s quarterly winners have been exceptional, and it has been difficult for the Senior Management Team to select just three individuals to receive annual, overall accolades. All accomplishments have been sincerely considered and this year’s winners, who each receive £500 (in EPC-UK reward vouchers), are as follows:

Winner – Mark Preston – Multiblend Multiskilled Operator:

Mark’s confidence, consideration, and integrity in prioritising the safety of others by using his Stop Work Authority Card on an operating site earlier in the year, was recognised as exceptional working practice by our management team. His courage and decisiveness in striving to eliminate any potential risk of harm to employees and customers was truly impressive and has been highly commended:

“Ensuring the safety of myself and others is a really important part of my job, so having the greenlight from our management team to use my Stop Work Authority Card as a tool to achieve that is very helpful. I’m glad I felt self-assured enough to use the card earlier this year, and to have my safety-orientated action rewarded is great.” Mark said.

Winner – Ruth Bray – Business Standards Coordinator:

Against the operational adversities presented by a challenging year, Ruth has repeatedly demonstrated tenacity and a passion for her role. She has excelled in delivering innovative working methods and a fluid approach in times of change, enabling customer service and standards to be consistently met:

“It’s been a challenging year, working to maintain standards and ensure customers’ needs continue to be met. This has required a different focus at times and the introduction of new ways to work. Hearing the news that I’d been presented with an award for my efforts was great and I’m really pleased to have been recognised.” Ruth commented.

Winner – Dave Renshaw – Manufacturing Technician:

Dave’s evident respect for both his fellow employees, and the role he performs free from incident with a true commitment to ‘Zero Harm’, places him as a teamwork champion. He constantly demonstrates a profound willingness to work ‘Above and Beyond’ his role and is considered a highly valued member of the EPC-UK team:

I feel honoured to have been chosen as one of this year’s award winners. It’s good to be recognised and valued for the way in which I perform my role as it makes going the extra mile more rewarding.” Dave said.

“We’re extremely proud of every person whose professional conduct exceeded expectations of their day-to-day roles this year,” Ben Williams, Managing Director added: “Our employees’ standard of service, evident respect for others and performance integrity has been so impressive – particularly in light of the global adversities we all face at present. At EPC-UK we work and thrive as a team, and benefit from the results our collaborative approach delivers. I would like to thank every employee for demonstrating our wider SPIRIT values in practical terms. Together, we can continue to make a valuable difference to our company and industry as a whole.”

The Senior Management Team has already confirmed that owing to the initiative’s success, both the Above and Beyond Quarterly and Special Recognition Awards will continue in 2022, further details of which will soon be announced on our website.