Civil Engineering Solutions

EPC-UK is the UK’s leading provider of commercial explosives and blasting services to the civil construction industry. From conception to blast, we can deliver your civil engineering blasting project on time and within budget, without compromising on safety, quality or compliance.

Our civil services

We have managed a variety of civil engineering schemes across the country and provide a range of services from road construction, shaft sinking, trenching, and seismic blasting to rock face stabilisation and consultancy support.

Our civil solutions include:

  • Road cuttings
  • Shaft sinking and trenching
  • Rock face stabilisation
  • Site investigation
  • Tunnelling (drilling and blasting)

  • Pipelines (drilling and blasting)
  • Windfarms
  • Seismic explosives
  • Marine drilling and blasting
  • Water well drilling

The very latest blast technology

Here at EPC-UK, we use the latest technological innovations combined with industry-leading expertise to create the most accurate and effective blast for your civils project.

From initial consultation and site investigation – which includes detailed studies of geological conditions, structural inspections, ground borne vibration analysis, and noise analysis – to the design of a blast tailored specifically to your needs and post-blast analysis, we will manage the entire blast process.

Community relations

We understand the importance of community and stakeholder relations on all civil engineering projects. This is why we accurately predict and control blast vibration, keeping your project within agreed vibration levels and helping to foster positive relationships with key stakeholders and surrounding neighbourhoods.

The myths about blasting

We offer a range of services to assist design teams in dispelling the myths about blasting to the local communities and stakeholders, members of our team are available to present and answer questions relating to the impact blasting will have and how EPC-UK put measures in place to keep this to a minimum.

Leading our Civils Solutions team is EPC-UK Civils Manager Mark Jones. With 33 years of experience within the quarrying, offshore and civil engineering industry, Mark is well placed to lead our experienced civils team, having managed numerous drilling and blasting and civil engineering projects within the UK, as well as several offshore developments across the globe.

Mark’s expertise is also backed by the wider EPC Groupe. With over 127 years of heritage and expertise in the drilling and blasting sector, the EPC Groupe provides our Civils Solutions team with ongoing support and an immense wealth of knowledge which can be drawn upon at any time.

Civil Engineering case studies

EPC-UK Caernarfon-and-Bontnewydd-bypass

Extending our blasting technology capabilities to renewable energy markets, by supporting wind farm construction across the UK.

As onshore wind energy becomes one of the fastest growing utility-scale, renewable energy technologies in the country, the need for civil engineering expertise to effectively enable wind farm sites and turbine bases to be built is continuously growing.

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EPC-UK Caernarfon-and-Bontnewydd-bypass

Safely removing a competent rock discovery within a site section intended for carriageway development to connect Caernarfon and Bontnewydd

Project: Caernarfon & Bontnewydd bypass
Client: Balfour Beatty / Jones Bros JV
Location: North Wales

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Successfully drilling & blasting 200,000 tonnes of rock located just 100 metres from a 250-year-old stone bridge.

Project: Welsh Assembly
Client: Ty Nant on the A5
Contractor: Jones Brothers’ Engineering Location: North Wales

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Using drilling & blasting expertise to deliver an improved stability solution at Electric Mountain.

Project: Face Stabilisation
Client: First Hydro
Contractor: Jones Brothers’ Engineering
Location: North Wales

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Creating a platform for safe, successful eco-tourism development.

Project: Holiday resort development
Client: Habitat First Group
Contractor: MJ Church
Location: North Devon

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Protecting residential and geological surroundings by meticulously adhering to vibration limit regulations.

Project: Water Pumping Station
Client: Northumbria Water
Contractor: J N Bentley
Location: Waren Mill, Northumbria

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