The EPC Groupe’s Esprit d’Equipe initiative has created a culture of Safety, Passion, Integrity, Respect, Innovation and Teamwork throughout the entire EPC group. It is this culture that is enabling us to share information and guidance during this challenging time – and this video is just one example.

Mobile phones keep us connected – with family, friends and work colleagues – but they can also harbour unwanted germs. By cleaning your phone on a regular basis, you can help reduce the risk of contamination. You should also consider the surfaces on which you put your phone, as well as other people – including little people if you’re working from home – who may come in to contact with your mobile. All should be kept as clean as possible.

Please stay safe and vigilant, and here at EPC-UK we will continue to embrace the Esprit d’Equipe ethos by sharing and informing where we can.