The last three months have been a challenge for many in the civil engineering sector, with COVID-19 having an impact on most aspects of business. Enabling projects to progress during the pandemic has been one way of mitigating its long-term impact and here at EPC-UK, we are working hard to ensure those customers who are continuing their operations receive the same high level of service they have come to expect.  

Maintaining momentum

“Communication has been key to maintaining momentum,” explains Mark Jones, Civils Manager at EPC-UK.  “We are working through unprecedented, and for many, uncertain times. As such, daily communication with our customers is imperative to determining their requirements and to us being able to adapt quickly should those requirements change.


“This constant communication is allowing us to align our own business with the needs of our customers, which, in turn, is enabling us to support projects by providing the right level of service, at the right time,” adds Mark.

Civil Engineering Explosives

On the right road

Before the onset of Coronavirus, the EPC-UK Civils team was partnering with a customer on a road bypass scheme.  This development has continued to progress throughout the pandemic, thanks to the drilling and blasting expertise of EPC-UK and the procedures that have been put in place to ensure the safety of all those involved.

“This project has been, and continues to be, a challenging one. Its proximity to sensitive structures and a major link road means all drilling and blasting operations must be closely managed, controlled, and continually monitored to ensure they are within specified levels. This means blasts have to be meticulously planned and designed,” continues Mark.


“To ensure this precision our engineers use Expertir, a highly advanced drilling and blasting software package that has been developed by our in-house experts. This unique software application provides a seamless, coherent, integrated approach to blast design, combining both the latest surveying techniques and advanced blast design capabilities.
“Using Expertir, combined with the extensive knowledge of our Civils team, we are able to use highly controlled blasting methods, and effectively manage vibration whilst optimising blast performance.  However, to maintain operations throughout ‘lock down’ we faced a number of different challenges.”

Civil Engineering Explosives