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EPC-UK Blasting Services

With over 100 years of experience, EPC-UK is your essential ‘one stop’ for drilling and blasting services. EPC-UK offer the most comprehensive ‘rock-on-ground’ service to the mining, cement and aggregate industries.

Our depth of experience, expertise and professionalism have made us one of the leading names in the industry. Whether you need consultancy, training or assistance with unusual projects, we can meet and solve any challenge.

EPC-UK places operational safety and competency as its number one priority, and we bring the highest level of professionalism and customer focus to everything we do.

Our Services

Our comprehensive range of services includes:

  • Drilling
  • Blasting supervision
  • Environmental impact analysis
  • Explosives supervisors
  • Shotfiring
  • Consultancy
  • Training and assessments (NVQ)
  • Auditing and advice
  • Explosives Engineers

EPC-UK Blasting Services PROCCESS

Many of our initiatives are leading the field in modern blasting, from 3D imaging and high-speed video analysis to our full-duplex wireless communication system, which ensures the safe and reliable link between truck operator and shotfirer for up to 200 metres apart.


Over the years EPC-UK’s personnel have gained extensive experience in many fields relating to the manufacture and use of explosives and this pool of knowledge is now available to customers for projects ranging from the establishment of operating procedures to specific problem solving.

Amongst the areas where we can offer high-quality advice and management are product development and testing, environmental impact assessment, safety audits, blast design, monitoring of vibration or blast performance.

EPC-UK’s commitment to the blasting industry is reflected in the company’s representation on the various advisory panels representing explosives users both in the UK and in Europe.

Explosives Engineering

EPC-UK are proud of the in-house expertise that can provide the highest level of technical knowledge. Our engineers are renowned within the industry, actively participating and shaping the future use of explosives.


For many years, EPC has been widely praised for our Training and Assessing centre, which provides the industry with a comprehensive level of expertise for fulfilling the core requirements within the drilling and explosives sector, and ensuring that personnel have the required knowledge for the efficient and safe application of explosives technology.

Our range of training courses and assessment procedures are available to every user of commercial explosives throughout the country, and conducted by experts who are actively involved in the explosives field on a day-to-day basis.

EPC-UK’s training courses invariably lead to assessment to national standards and are accredited by MPQC. Courses also comply with the requirements of the Quarry Regulations Approved Code of Practice.

To view our range of industry leading training courses

EPC-UK is committed to providing the highest level of customer service.

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‘Planning to reduce’ EPC-UK technology helps drive down emissions

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Learning and developing competencies for the future

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EPC-UK Manufacturing: working leaner, producing greener

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