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With over 100 years of experience, EPC-UK is your essential ‘one stop’ for drilling and blasting services. EPC-UK offer the most comprehensive ‘rock-on-ground’ service to the mining, cement and aggregate industries.

Our depth of experience, expertise and professionalism have made us one of the leading names in the industry. Whether you need consultancy, training or assistance with unusual projects, we can meet and solve any challenge.

EPC-UK places operational safety and competency as its number one priority, and we bring the highest level of professionalism and customer focus to everything we do.

Rock on Ground Services

  • Drilling
  • Blasting supervision
  • Environmental impact analysis
  • Explosives supervisors
  • Shotfiring
  • Consultancy
  • Training and assessments (NVQ)
  • Auditing and advice
  • Explosives Engineers

EPC-UK Blasting Services PROCCESS

Many of our initiatives are leading the field in modern blasting, from 3D imaging and high-speed video analysis to our full-duplex wireless communication system, which ensures the safe and reliable link between truck operator and shotfirer for up to 200 metres apart.

Ground-breaking, drilling & blasting software designed to bring value

VERTEX, our value adding digitization package brings EPC-UK’s three digital quarrying platforms, Expertir, Expertab and ExplOre together, to harness information and deliver site-wide, continuous improvement by maximising and optimising blast performance. 


The comprehensive digital solution allows our drilling & blasting teams to store all blast parameters planned and delivered in the field, ready for EPC Metrics’ methodologies to assess the blast performance against incremental changes in design. The software solutions work in unison; Expertir for high specification blast design and accuracy; Expertab for digitization and automatic hole loading and drill log recording; and ExplOre for data capture and KPI trending enabling continuous improvement.


Combining quarrying platforms


Expertir is a blast design software programme that uses site collected data to produce the best possible blasting specifications and outcomes for each individual blast. It incorporates data from drone surveys, GPS, and hole probes to facilitate design from initial drilling up to the point of initiation.

Expertab is a notebook version of the Expertir software, designed to support MEMU truck and drill rig operators in the field. Using Expertab, operators can capture digital drilling information whilst on site and transfer it back to the drill & blast engineers. The data used enables the required blast to be designed and sent to the MEMU for hole loading. All the results are recorded, and stored information and relevant data is then sent back into Expertir.


ExplOre allows all the drill & blast KPI data to be submitted, stored and analysed together within an online cloud-based database. The digital solution enables engineers to make effective decisions regarding future blast designs and blast parameter changes to improve fragmentation, efficiencies, and deliver a true ‘mine-to-mill’ understanding.

Supporting drone & modelling solutions

By realising and combining all three key software systems, our EPC-UK and EPC Metrics teams can apply drone photogrammetry technology, fragmentation analysis techniques and 3D modelling solutions to achieve more successful and optimised blast outcomes, focused on delivering significant cost improvments to the entire quarry and mining proccess.

This expertise is bringing technologies that are fit for the future straight to the quarrying environment with results that enhance customers’ operations, adding true value to their business. 

Safer, more accurate surveying, completed by the drone

Pre and post drill drone survey as standard, enabling accurate hole layout

The production of, and interaction with, highly accurate 3D models of rock mass to be blasted

Auto/GPS drill-hole layout to optimise drill holes to the rock mass and provide optimal energy distribution

Interaction with GPS technology to communicate between in-field assets and assure the accuracy of hole positioning

Interaction with smart drilling processes and advanced drill telematic data capture

Remote data storage and access to the ExplOre online database

Optimisation of blast design processes via remote technical support

Digital probing of each and every hole for enhanced blast design decision making

The acquisition of digital drilling information to support blast design process

Combined blast design information and data capture, to create overall processing improvements

Built-in Carbon Measurement tool targeted to deliver towards Net-Zero

Safety first

EPC-UK’s digitized quarrying techniques and technologies are enhancing safety and operations within the drilling & blasting environment. We are designing and developing systems that allow digitized planning to be performed away from the dangerzone, prioritising safety whilst delivering results.

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