EPC Additives

EPC Additives is a leading European producer and supplier of 2-ethyl hexyl nitrate for use as a cetane improver in diesel (gasoil) fuel.

With over 110 years of experience in explosives and associated chemical products – backed by continual investment in the latest process and chemical production technologies – we have developed an advanced, safe and efficient processes to supply products and services to a worldwide customer base.

Our Products

We are one of the largest European producers of diesel fuel additive, 2-ethyl hexyl nitrate (2EHN) – used throughout the world to reduce emissions and enhance diesel engine performance, or to upgrade fuel oil into higher value diesel. Our secure and cost-effective route to 2EHN gives us the capacity to produce over 45,000 tonnes per year.

We market over 10,000 tonnes per year of Industrial Grade 77% sulphuric acid and our Logistics Division offers specialised transport for this.

Our versatile pilot chemical processing facilities provide the ideal environment to create speciality chemicals for more bespoke applications, with particular expertise in energetic reaction and nitrations.

Our Services

We are committed to flexibility, reliability and responsiveness in meeting customer requirements, as well as ensuring the safest possible standards in manufacture, storage and transportation.

Expertise in nitration and associated chemistries gives the edge in a range of added-value processes, ranging from simple esterifications to highly energetic nitrations. We are processors of concentrated sulphuric acid / oleum and have strong partnerships on derivatives.

Well equipped laboratories and pilot facilities allow the safe development of associated chemicals and blends. We also develop pharmaceutical grade products and formulations using pre-cursor materials from in house explosives supply. Excellent quality management systems and technical support provided.

Our Upper Tier COMAH sites at Alfreton and Great Oakley are a safe haven for road and ISO tank storage. The Great Oakley site located close to the ports of Harwich, Felixstowe and London offers comprehensive options for export. Drum and blend options are supplied to customers across the globe, and we provide strategic partnerships for transportation by tanker to Europe, North America and South America.