We are EPC-UK. A leading UK force in the field of commercial explosives and drilling & blasting services. 

Operating through five divisions; explosives, drilling & blasting, fuel additives, defence, and logistics, we provide unique services and operations using methods where safety is always considered the number one priority.

Delivering industry leading training to a screen near you.

Your pace. Your environment. Your future.

Blasting Services

Our depth of experience, expertise and professionalism have made us one of the leading names in the drilling & blasting industry. Whether customers require consultancy, training or assistance with unusual projects, we can solve any challenge.


Supplying and servicing a diverse range of industries, we offer single-source solutions that meet customers’ individual needs. Our safety-focused divisions specialise in commercial explosives expertise, drilling & blasting accessories, and technical assistance & support.

EPC Metrics

EPC Metrics engineers provide advanced technical support and services to solve the challenging, complex and critical needs of our customers’ businesses such as; drone mapping, modelling services and fixed remote monitoring for environmental compliance.

Defence and Security

At EPC-UK, our methodically trained technicians and management teams work together to provide secure, safe and compliant services, suitable for handling, storing, transporting, integrating and testing explosives, weapons and associated hardware.


We provide secure transportation, purpose designed to successfully relocate restricted, licenced and protectively marked goods. Applying services from a specialist and comprehensive portfolio, we ensure your cargo arrives safely and on time.


Performing as an innovative organisation, with over 100 years of experience, we’re committed to investing in the latest processes and chemical production technologies, exceeding customer expectations, and developing and nurturing our valued workforce.

We live and breathe a clear set of core values as a group, which are summed up in the word SPIRIT.

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Latest News

EPC Metrics takes flight as standalone EPC-UK company

EPC Metrics takes flight as standalone EPC-UK company

EPC-UK is proud to announce that as of 1st January 2022, our EPC Metrics division will officially become its own operating entity.Whilst still part of the wider EPC-UK company, this progressive development creates an opportunity for our specialist metrics engineers to...

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A greener vision for the EPC-UK vehicle fleet

A greener vision for the EPC-UK vehicle fleet

As our industry accelerates its activity to address ambitious 2030 emission reduction targets and aims to reach net zero by the middle of the century, we talk to Anthony Bird, Driver Training Manager, about EPC-UK’s latest transition to an updated fleet of vehicle...

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