Safety – our number one priority

Health and safety is central to everything that EPC-UK does. While most companies make similar statements, 91% of all EPC-UK employees confirmed this in a recent safety culture in 2014.

EPC-UK operates within the explosives, chemical, civil, quarry, mining and demolition sectors. These industries require a meticulous approach and EPC-UK play a leading part in helping ensure a safe working environment. The company is registered with LRQA and assessed against the Occupational Health & Safety Management Standard OHSAS 18001. Internal audits are constantly carried out across all of our activities to ensure that our operations continue to be safe. For us, the option of ignoring safety at any time does not exist. It is incorporated in to everything that we do and is a fundamental cultural value that is reinforced constantly and consistently.

Operating two upper tier COMAH sites and several lower ties sites within EPC-UK requires a meticulous approach to delivering safe manufacturing and storage environments. From design, through commissioning, operating, decommissioning, decontamination to dismantling and disposal of assets, the hazards must be identified, appropriate control measures implemented and the risks managed. People, plant and processes are considered throughout the cycle to ensure a safe working environment is established, monitored, developed to continuously improve upon our safety performance. To not progress, for us is to effectively go backwards.

Operating on our customers sites throughout the UK is both a privilege and a responsibility. Quarries are widely recognised as hazardous sites. We service those customers to add to their value chain, offering the range of services described elsewhere within this website. It is imperative for us to bring with us a very high level of safety competence to ensure that the hazards that we bring to each site such as drilling, vehicles and explosives are managed by competent personnel and that we interact with our customers to ensure that the activities of the site do not cause harm to our own personnel.

Safety is our number one priority and we are well aware of our responsibility in assuring that zero harm is our ultimate target. I am proud of the leading role we play in the key industry sectors and ensure real collaboration to ensuring that our aims are achieved.

Ben Williams Managing Director